Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Woodburys' personal adventure

We had fun participating, and while we are disappointed that we weren't able to finish, it was fun to try and we learned a lot.

As my back wheel was uncooperative and the snow seemed to thicken, we got farther and farther behind as we walked and walked. We kept hoping the snow would firm up for us as dusk arrived, but it never did. We made the decision to stop at the convenience store at Road 122 and 53, but it seemed like it never came! Finally we arrived there at 9pm and to our dismay it was closed..... we pondered what to do next when we saw someone inside. It was the owner - a lovely lady named Ellen Hart - (she and her husband also own a local resort) who had come downstairs to the store, from their home upstairs, to get her payroll. She opened up the store, welcomed us inside, gave us hot chocolate, and let us use her phone. We got a ride back to International Falls and stayed there overnight.

We want to congratulate all who finished, and all who didn't. We are particularly impressed with Major Mike, as we could tell by the tracks in the snow that he was struggling with the thick snow as well. Two nights outside in those temperatures - well, he is a testament to our armed forces. We are also impressed with Ron Kadera. We also could see his tracks in the snow and they were so consistent - he just kept going and going.

Thanks for your efforts with the first Arrowhead Ultra!

Laurie Woodbury


Blogger ArrowheadUltra said...

In addition to what I wrote earlier, I just wanted to say how much we agree that the folks involved with the race are great! It was nice to get to talk with everyone before the race at the meeting.

We really enjoyed the trail and the scenery! It was fun to see everyone's tracks, as I mentioned in my other email to you, as the tracks definitely told us a story. Dick and I could envision each of the other racers and what was going on with them, by observing their tracks in the snow! We were disappointed, as the afternoon wore on, that the tracks disappeared from snowmobilers driving over them.

We really didn't run into too many snowmobilers, and those that did go by were very friendly. One older gentleman stopped by us, turned off his machine, looked at us, and said "what in heavens name are you doing??" We told him what was going on, and that we were the tail end of the group (as we put it, the "old farts" - and he laughed and said he could relate). He said he had seen one other biker, and we figured that was Mike.

Later in the evening, well maybe 7:30-8:00, the groomer went by. We waved, as we wanted to wave him down to ask him where Road 122 was, but he kept going. We were lit up like Christmas trees, so he must have thought we were just waving 'hi".

As I mentioned, Ellen at the Gateway Convenience Store was an angel, and just a really cool lady. When we told her of our concern to contact you guys, as we didn't want to worry the snowmobilers and you about us, and how we hoped no one would call Search and Rescue, she said "don't worry, if you had, I'd have heard about it, because I'm one of the rescuers!".

Well, just a few more tidbits of our story. We are interested in reading about everyone else's.

Laurie Woodbury

11:02 AM  
Blogger ArrowheadUltra said...

Thank you for the story, Laurie.

We are sorry the cell phones and satellite phones were not working very well. If we went indoors they could not work and the snowmobilers could not ride and keep them turned on, so when you finally reached me I could not reach the snowmobilers to tell them to stop looking for you.

Definately, we need to rethink our communication plan for next year!

Congrats on your great first effort. You guys are really tough and have a great attitude!

Pierre & Cheryl Ostor

11:08 AM  
Blogger Jason Mallin said...

Dick and Laurie - So happy to see your names here! Email me sometime -

Jason Mallin is finally back into training for competition!!

10:33 PM  

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