Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Sled Question

For the runner that asked about pulling sleds over bare ground. I added aluminum runners to my sled. It works great. Below is a photo.

It is much easier to pull a sled than carry a backpack, but you can use a backpack if you'd like.
Skiers usually prefer backpacks.

I made my sled from a cement mixing tub that I bought at Home Depot. I added a thin sheet of slippery plastic on the bottom called UHMW. It slides over anything. The tub dimensions are 19 x 27 inches on the outside.


You can also use children's snow sleds, or buy tough, slippery, UHMW sleds from a company in Alaska--

Pierre Ostor
Race Director

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Welcome to Arrowhead Winter Ultra Blog

Welcome to all fans of long distance winter endurance events. The Arrowhead Winter Ultra is our inaugural 135 mile race across the Arrowhead region of northern Minnesota. Racers may bike, run or ski on the scenic, hilly, Arrowhead State Trail on February 28th thru March 2nd, 2005.

This event is an Alaskan-style race in which all are allowed on the trail, but only mountain bikes, x-country skiers and runners will be racing. It is a wide trail groomed mainly for snowmobiles, so the participants must be careful to stay to the side if a machine should pass. We will race on Monday, Tuesday, Wed. so there will be almost nobody on the trail, much fewer snowmobilers than on the weekend. We have done a test run of this race on another busier Minnesota trail on the weekend last year. This is the first time on the Arrowhead state trail.

For many years, similar races have been done in Alaska on the Iditarod trail. The idea is really to finish, not so much a speed race. It is supposed to be a challenge just to finish. We expect about 10-15 people this year and more next year since we started advertising so late. Over the years the Alaskan race grew to be about 75 people. I have completed it several times. I wanted to create something for the locals that cannot afford to go to Alaska every year.

There will be no prize money; however, people are really respected just for participating in such a challenging event. Every finisher will receive a unique trophy. (It may even become a collectible one day). Every participant will get a t-shirt.

The Arrowhead will be a part of a group of extreme 135 mile events, including the Badwater in Death Valley. If you complete all of them in the same year, you get a special trophy.

In the future, we will also post the latest news, as well as race reports in this blog. Everyone is welcome to comment and post encouragement to the racers or ask questions and make suggestions . We will do our best to respond.


Pierre Ostor
Race Director
Arrowhead Winter Ultra