Wednesday, February 23, 2005

DNR Rules, Rare Birds & Misc.

Apparently, there has been a huge migration of Great Gray Owls to Northern Minnesota from Canada, so you may see them on the trail. Make sure you bring your camera.

You may also encounter a few rare celebrities dog sledding on the trail as Charlize Theron and Woody Harrelson, among others are filming a movie on the Iron Range this week.

Note: Please do not hesitate to let us know if any of you participants need anything as we may have access to extra equipment we can loan you for the race.

Finally, the DNR wants us to remind you participants:

1) No drinking alcohol on the trail. (It can cause hypothermia).

2) Also make sure you have at least 10 sq. inches of reflective material on both front and back of your person.


Cheryl Ostor


Saturday, February 12, 2005


The trail is hard packed as there was some melting and refreezing last week. The trails may be icy in spots, but this is good for the bikers.

Below is the list of brave entrants so far that want to be the first to conquer the Arrowhead Trail :

1. John Evingson-- Lindstrom, MN - USA
2. Matt Evingson-- Minneapolis, MN - USA
3. Bill Shand-- Red Lake, Ontario - CANADA
4. Pierre Ostor-- White Bear Lake, MN- USA/ (really...FRANCE)
5. Ron Kadera-- Mahtomedi, MN - USA
6. Richard Woodbury-- White Bear Lake, MN - USA
7. Laurie Woodbury-- White Bear Lake, MN - USA
8. Major Michael Foster-- Fort Benning, GA- USA
9. Dave Simpson-- Minneapolis, MN - USA
10. Brian Robinson--Mountain View, CA - USA - (
11. Brian Block--Johnston, IA - USA
12. Josh Peterson-- Minneapolis, MN - USA

There are quite a few more undecided that may show up and a dozen that want to do it next year.

Be sure and check out the rules and maps pages on the website for logistics information. We have a great place for the finish line and post race party.

Also, just wait until you see the trophies...really cool!

Cheryl Ostor