Saturday, September 02, 2006

The 2007 Arrowhead Winter Ultra

135 miles of Arrowhead snow,

Frostbitten fingers and blistered toe.

Timberwolves howl and owl eyes glow;

Hallucination or Northern Lights show?

Frostbite Falls to Vermilion sky;

Afraid of the dark? So why even try?

Fearless will finish; fearful will cry.

Only the toughest will dare apply.

REGISTRATION for the 2007 event is now open for up to 50 participants.
The entry period will close Dec. 1st, 2006. We will post the final list of participants here by Dec. 15th along with a waiting list, if necessary. Refunds will be made to any applicants that are not accepted.

The race will begin Monday, February 5th thru Wed. Feb 7th. Gear check and pre-race meeting will be on Saturday and Sunday prior to the race at the Holiday Inn in International Falls.

Race Director
Arrowhead Ultra

Report from the First overall/Bike in 2006

Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2006 12:56 PM
Subject: Ride Report

The Nation's Icebox. 6AM INL temp: -20F and we're not talkin' windchill...

My race could be called “It is About the Bike” or perhaps “Blind Squirrel Finds Nut”...

Link to full report by David

...As we exited Bayview shortly after dawn on Tues, back to jobs and family, I knew the toughest Arrowhead competitors were the ones still on the trail.

Thanks to Pierre, Cheryl, Don, Ron and all the other volunteers for a fine event

Charlie Farrow 2006 Race Report

Link to Charlie's report

...In the last few miles, given the advantage of a geared bike, the fact that my feet were completely numb, and with Pierre’s blessings I took off and made for the finish. Pierre followed some nine minutes behind. It was a little after 8:00 a.m. We had been on the trail for over twenty-five hours, [a personal record]. It had been a great time and I know I will go back next year for another taste of the sickness and I want to encourage the rest of you guyz to consider it as well. For more accurate, sensible, and plausible details on this extraordinary bike race go to


Charlie Farrow

Dave Gray's 2006 Race Report

Jim Benike clothing advice

Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 1:56 PM
Subject: AHU--for the blog

My prime concern through out my training was clothing. Would I have the right clothing to meet the demands of the race? After completing the race which included temperatures from 20 below to 20 about I felt my clothing was adequate for the race.

Montrail Susitna shoes a full size bigger which are made for this type of race. They worked well.

Two pairs of socks. One pair of coolmax double layer, the other pair wool.

Trail gators as well as snow gators from REI to keep my calves warm.

Two pairs of tights. One pair of fleece wind blocker and the other pair Dry fit.

Wicking underwear. I did keep a lightweight baklahava between my tights to keep my crotch warm.

Two light weight long sleeve performance tops.

The top layer was a heavy Patagonia fleece with a snap V neck. Dark grey to absorb any solar heat and to wick away moisture.

Black wool gloves. Two pairs of black wool liner gloves which I never used.

Heavy fleece gauntlet style mittens one size bigger to wear over the wool gloves.

Medium weight baklahava and heavy weight baklahava and a black wool stocking cap. The second night I wore all three and had an ice outline matching my headlamp.

Neoprene face mask which I wore 70% of the time. I cut a hole in the mouth for easy breathing and drinking.

When it got really cold I had a Mountain Hardware jacket with pit zips and expedition type full zipper pants. The jacket was really used as a windbreaker so one could use a lighter jacket as long as it had pit zips.

I also had a pair of expedition weight mittens which froze after I worn them a while and tried to put them on again later. The fleece mittens worked better at wicking the moisture away. I also had a pair of neoprene socks which I didn’t use but almost put them on.

Down jacket which I didn’t use but was good for safety.

I used trekking poles through out the second half of the race. They were necessary on the big uphills.

Happy trails,

Jim Benike

Matt Maxwell Arrowhead 2006 writeup

Here's my race report if you'd like to put it on the Arrowhead website. I look forward to coming back next year.

Thanks for putting on a great race Pierre. I enjoyed the write-ups from last year so much that I decided to do my own. I put down most of what I remember plus some notes on my gear since that was what interested me so much last year....

Link to Matt's 2006 writeup

...All in all it was the best race I've ever been to and can't imagine it being much better. Thanks to Pierre, Cheryl, Don, Bonnie, Ron and all the other volunteers who made it possible. Thanks also to all the riders who were so friendly and encouraging especially Dave Simmons and Brian Block. See you all again next year.

Matt Maxwell

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