Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cool dudes epitomize the spirit of the Arrowhead.

Ben Wacker

Ben Wacker finished the Arrowhead for the first time so effortlessly, and quietly with a smile. Originally, he was going to do it on foot but changed to bike as the rules allow. If you saw arrows drawn in the snow pointing to the correct fork in the trail, that was probably the doing of Ben. How Arrowhead of you, Ben!

Chris Finch

Chris Finch finished the Arrowhead for the second year in a row..way to go! Chris took his time and still had plenty of time to assist other participants along the trail with his warm thermos of coffee. We hear a rumor that his wife agreed to allow Chris to enter the Alaska races when he arrived in the top ten Arrowhead finishers. Alaska, watch out!


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