Saturday, February 10, 2007

Don Clark " Gear Nazi" 60 second race report

Rick Lindquist "Junkyard Dog"
Don Clark

Thanks alot to Junkyard Dog (Rick Lindquist)for giving up his weekend to assist Frog Dog (Pierre) and I at The Arrowhead race. He kept me organized and in line the whole time. Sincerely, THANKS RICK. And for a small update on the race, It is over now. There was ten finishers out of 46. Rick, remember that little women that appeared to weigh in at about 95 lbs soaking wet-----well she was the only finisher on foot in 55hours. She was incredible!!!! Scott, John, Kerry Owens(the woman that won this years women div. for Superior 100---all dropped do to various reasons. Nine bikers finished. It was BRUTAL out there this year. I spent 4-6 hours each day on the course just checking on people----so I still had fun. A long story short---I came face to face with a timberwolf out on the road to one of the trails. I didn't drop anything in my shorts---but, I did swallow my heart TWICE! 20-30 yards away he looked ,took a snif my away and pouncned off the road. When Steve(a snowmobiler) caught up to me, we were measuring the tracks that pooch left behind. Da hairey critter wasn't interested in me!!!! around the corner a few blocks down we found another two sets of tracks. Before I left from up there, Frogger had dropped at halfway with three-four toes frostbitten. I know one of the leaders had two bad toes and at least 4-5 others that had dropped. You can read it all on the website(blog).
Good luck this weekend ---have fun---and howl at the moon a bit.

Moxie Dog (Don Clark) aka the " Gear Nazi"


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