Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Message from participant Joe Galloway

Joe Galloway

Hello Pierre: Thanks for sending my drop bag. It was "above and beyond the call of duty!" I have mailed off a reimbursement for your cost and also the reflectors you loaned me.

I succeeded in fixing my bike, in my warm basement. First I tried using just what I had on the trip, to see if in theory I could have fixed it on the trail. It turns out the problem was a broken cable casing to my rear derailleur. Actually, I DID have a spare cable with casing attached on the AR135, not that I knew much about how it worked.

Studying at home, I see where I had to cut one end of the spare cable, which had a barrel at each end, in order to slide off the casing. The casing, also, then had to be cut to the proper length.

Where my gear was inadequate (even if I had the proper knowledge) was an inability to cut either the cable or the cable casing. The cute little micro pliars on my mini leatherman had wire cutters, but not good enough for what I needed. So, I could not have fixed the bike on the trail even in a best case scenario. That sort of puts my mind at ease about my detouring to return to the motel.

(At one time, I did have a pair of rusty needle nose pliars in my bike tool bag, which finally did cut the cable and casing at home, but it was removed in favor of the micro pliars to save weight. Ha!)

Thanks for your efforts! I have good memories about my experience and my cold weather clothes worked just fine. See you! Joe Galloway


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