Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Now is the winter of our discontent

To give everyone a flavor race, this is an email forwarded to the monitor by #10-Laurie Woodbury (DNF). The owners of the General Gateway wrote her regarding her decision and about #14- David Heitkamp.

"You (Laurie) should not regret your decision at all. The last participant on foot arrived about 9:15am this morning. He left the trail and went the other direction from the store last night so when Phil went to check on the trail about midnight he could see no one and we thought he must have stopped for the night. Actually now we realize he was already off the trail and walking around our area and no one was out or open to see him. This morning he was a little disoriented, but seemed fair. He was convinced that he was not taking any help and was going to at least make it MelGeorges. When we looked at his feet and started the warming process – I was finally able to talk him into taking the ambulance to I Falls. His feet are in very rough shape. Other than that we only had some blisters yesterday. A lot had dropped or dropped when they got here. The last spotters had felt very confident in this gentleman (Dave) and thus when the last participants left last night at 11:30pm and we could not see him coming, we had to have that confidence also. We are sorry we did not drive around on the roads, but how would we have known. We watched until about 12:30pm and then went to bed. Hope you enjoyed your warm bed and that Dick’s feet are warming up by now. Your dogs are adorable – Thank you for sharing."

Have a Great Day!
Ellen & Phil Hart
Gateway General
9378 Hwy 53
Kabetogama, MN 56669
(218) 875-2121

NOTE: Any errors, grammatical anomalies or typographical mistakes during the event are solely the fault of the monitor.

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Blogger Julie B said...

Hey there, thanks for the updates, we sure appreciate it. I'm wondering how JOHN STORKAMP is doing. He is on foot, I don't see any mention of him. Could you let us know?

1:12 PM  

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