Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The riders in a race do not stop short when they reach the goal

Report as of 05:50, 2/07/2007

We have more finishers!
#5 Charlie Farrow was in at 20:30 on 2/06/2007, finishing with #37- Ben Walker.

Without any coasting to the finish, fixed gear rider #34-Spencer Klaasen finished with #13 Bill- Bill Shand at 21:05, 2/06/2007.

#12-Chris Finch came in at 04:45 2/07/2007, alone.

#5-Charlie Farrow finished with #37-Ben Walker at 20:30 on 2/06/2007.

There are only two competitors remaining on the course. Biker #41-Kenneth Krueger, and #43-Sarah Lowell are the still at it. Sara has not yet crossed the Myrtle Lake cross road at Highway 23. The snowmobiles will check on the trail north of that point.

All other competitors have either finished or have dropped. We will attempt to post details as soon as possible. Again, only two competitors remain at large.

NOTE: Any errors, grammatical anomalies or typographical mistakes during the event are solely the fault of the monitor.

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