Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The swiftest traveler is he that goes afoot (...unless you have a bike)

Report as of 16:35, 2/06/2007

Proving Thoreau wrong, #4-Dave Gray-biker, has finished the race together with #46-Joel Cahalan! Because Dave began 59 minutes after Joel, Dave is the leader at this point.

#1-David Pramann is less then 14 miles away. #5-Charlie Farrow and #37-Ben Wacker are together at Wake ‘em Up Point.

#13 Bill Shand and #42 Spencer Klassen are together, approximately half way between Highway 24 and Highway 23. #12-Chris Finch is reported to be looking good and has passed Highway 23 at 15:10.

#2-John Storkamp (still undecided) and #43-Sarah Lowell has left Elephant Lake this afternoon at about 15:00, and will try to finish.

DNF Report:
#15-Patrick Ramstack has dropped at Highway 23.
#26-Don Gabrielson, US Naval Commander of the yet unbuilt PCU Freedom, is now officially DNF, with reports of mechanical issues...on the bike that is, not the ship.

NOTE: Any errors, grammatical anomalies or typographical mistakes during the event are solely the fault of the monitor.

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Go Sarah Lowell! You make us proud! Brenda Elliott (and family)

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