Saturday, August 04, 2007

2008 Registration is open

Days and nights of 30 below,

Frostbit my nose and can’t feel my toe,

Timberwolf pawprints dot the snow,

Am I still on the trail or where do I go?

Since I left I-Falls I wonder why,

I must be crazy to even try,

I’m determined to finish, but I won’t lie,

The Arrowhead Trail seems tougher than I.

Registration is now open.

Link to application.

Entry is $150. 75 participants are being allowed by the DNR. The DNR is reviewing the signage on the trail for improvements to avoid people getting lost so easily. They will also require an additional trail permit fee that we will cover; however, we were forced to change the entry fees to cover our increased costs of fuel and previous year losses, etc.

The gear check will start Sat. Feb. 2nd, Pre-race meeting on Sunday afternoon and the race will start on Monday, Feb. 4th at 7am.

The race directors reserve the right to make changes to the rules and event as appropriate; however, most changes will likely be minor.


Madame FrogDog
Arrowhead Ultra Race Directrice