Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Training for the Arrowhead 135

Pierre and Don Clark biked the wet Arrowhead trail in the fall to take GPS points for shelters and intersections for an updated map.

Also in December more snowy camping trips with Don Clark, John Storkamp and Kevin Martin for training.

Below is a link to photo gallery.

Training Photo Gallery

Saturday, December 01, 2007

2008 Arrowhead participants

As of Dec. 28 a few more people have signed up and/or dropped out so now there are 59 participants total.

First Last Age Sex State Country
Lance Andre 38 M IA USA
Michael Arnold 24 M ND USA
Jim Bodoh 55 M FL USA
Sean Brown 39 M Surrey GBR
Dave Bucholz 44 M MN USA
Andras Bucsinszky 40 M AZ USA
Joel Cahalan 37 M MN USA
Rodrigo Cerqueira 35 M Goias Brazil
Carles Conill 24 M Catalonia Spain
Charlie Farrow 48 M MN USA
Philipp Finzel 32 M IN USA
Don Gabrielson 41 M WI USA
Patrick Graupman 36 M MN USA
David Gray 38 M MN USA
Jim Grijalva 43 M ND USA
Eric Johnson 41 M UT USA
Spencer Klaassen 43 M MO USA
Ken Krueger 44 M MN USA
Chuck Lindner 35 M MN USA
Robert Lisey 57 M OH USA
Sarah Lowell 45 F NC USA
Andrew Magness 32 M ND USA
Jason Magness 32 M AZ USA
Rick Mangan 41 M ND USA
Kevin Martin 32 M MN USA
Matthew Maxwell 29 M IA USA
Scott Meyers 40 M WI USA
Garrett Mulrooney 39 M MN USA
Peter Nilsson 48 M Goteborg Sweden
Pierre Ostor 51 M MN France
Monica Otero 52 F Sao Paulo Brazil
Gregg Pattison 45 M MN USA
Josh Peterson 33 M MN USA
David Pramann 50 M MN USA
Jack Prentice 36 M MN USA
Daniel Probst 29 M WA USA
Jim Reed 47 M MN USA
Chuck Regenold 58 M MN USA
Mike Reimer 42 M MN USA
Doug Robertson 44 M MN USA
Phil Rogers 44 M MN USA
Mitchell Rossman 51 M MN USA
Sam Salwei 26 M ND USA
Michele Santilhano 37 F CA Republic of South Africa
Bill Shand 38 M Ontario Canada
Bria Schurke 22 F MN USA
Dave Simmons 29 M ND USA
James Shipley 36 M MN USA
Patrick Skora 27 M RI USA
John Storkamp 28 M MN USA
Lara Sullivan 40 F MN USA
Patrick Susnik 42 M MN USA
Marcio Villar 40 M Rio De Janeiro Brazil
Scott Wagner 42 M MN USA
Pat White 41 M ND USA

Also wanting to sign up--
Gary Johnson age 39 of GBR the UK
Ron Kadera MN USA
Laurie Woodbury MN USA
Richard Woodbury MN USA

Note: The rules are that a participant may decide at the last minute based on the trail conditions whether to travel on foot/snowshoe, bike or ski. Participants must stick with the discipline and with the gear with which they start the race. We have many multi-sport people in the group, so we will not post any divisions until after the race starts. We would not be surprised if people switched to skiing this year, considering the nice cover of snow we have already.