Monday, February 04, 2008

Arrowhead Start and status as of 9pm

The first biker Dave Pramann reached the Gateway store checkpoint mile 35 at 11:18 and left immediately. Several other bikers were not far behind as well as a swift skier.

First bike arrivals at Melgeorge
Dave Pramann 3:45 left 20 mins later
Terry Brannick 4:34 out 5:43
Joel Cahalan in 4:39 out at 6pm
Josh Peterson in 5:03
Gregg Pattison in 5:53 out 7:47
Don Gabrielson in 6:33pm out 8pm
Lance Andre in 6:43
Dave Simmons in 7pm
Skier Philipp Finzel in 7:19
Dave Gray biked in at 7:27


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