Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Finish & Melgeorges final update 4pm Tuesday

Matt Maxwell, Myrtle Turtle Award

Finish line:
Additional finishers on bike today are--
Charlie Farrow 2/5 12:28 pm Tues
Dave Simmons 2/5 1:02 pm Tues
Chuck Lindner 2/5 1:07 pm Tues


Note: We heard Josh Peterson bivied (slept) out on the trail last night and is still out there.

Melgeorges checkpoint is now completed as of 4pm Tuesday:

Everybody has finally arrived at the Melgeorges checkpoint, dropped, or gone back out on the trail. Tonight's local weather estimate for the trail is -12 degrees F.
Andras Bucsinszky dropped at the Gateway Store.

The last person to make it to Melgeorges is Matthew Maxwell, the Myrtle Turtle Award recipient on skis. He arrived at 2:50pm on Tuesday.

Sean Brown is the last person to leave the checkpoint on foot for the finish at 3:35pm Tues.

Sarah Lowell left Melgeorges on foot at 11:32am Tues.
Bria Schurke left at 1pm.
Carles Conill & Patrick Susnik left on foot at 1:20pm

Michelle Santilhano left on foot at 2pm, hoping to make the 60 hour cutoff, but she intends to finish regardless of the cutoff. She estimates at 2 miles/hour she will arrive 9pm on Wed.

Scott Wagner dropped and was transported to Melgeorges where his ankle injury is being treated by Kathy Weix, volunteer Nurse.
Mitch Rossman was rescued by snowmobile and brought to Melgeorges.
Chuck Reginold dropped at highway 129 and walked back to the Gateway store.


Blogger Brian said...

Congrats to Dave and Chuck on finishing it up!!

4:52 PM  
Blogger JohnMaas said...

Keep it going Michele Santilhano!!
If anyone sees her out there, Please tell her that Mr. LeanHorse is cheering her on!!
You can do it!!

8:42 PM  

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