Saturday, February 09, 2008

From Monica Otero Brazil

Brazil Flag on sled


In the first place, I want to apologize for the email in Portuguese. What an incredible experience! What wonderful hospitality by the organization! Human warmth overcame so much ice.

I would like to thank everyone, Pierre, Cheryl, Carles Conill, all the STAFF, Kim Walsh, Phil & Ellen Hart, the young snowmobilers and those that helped me when unhappily I twisted my left foot. After walking many kilometers, supported by only one leg, and with the aid of two walking sticks, I lay down in the track in the wait of rescue. It was a difficult decision, I did not want to stop. I at least wanted to arrive at the first Check Point. I was beyond the unbearable limit of pain. Pierre, can count on me... I will be in 2009 to run the Arrowhead again!
A big hug and a thousand times obliged for everything,

Monica Otero


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