Tuesday, February 05, 2008

News from Melgeorges checkpoint

No more news from the finish yet, but we have more arrivals and people spotted by the snowmobile crew.
Patrick Susnik came into the checkpoint at 10 am and is deciding whether to go back out on the trail.
Mitch Rossman on foot was picked up by snowmobile crew as a DNF and is safe at Melgeorges.
Carles Conill (Spain) just arrived at Melgeorges about noon a bit dehydrated but in good shape.
Bria Schurke arrived on skis earlier and is planning to go back out on the trail shortly.
Lara Sullivan biker, DNF at Melgeorges.
Eric Johnson is planning to go back on the trail as well.
Scott Wagner just dropped out at Melgeorges, cold but fine.

Sean Brown on foot , Michele Santilhano on foot and Matt Maxwell were spotted out on the trail about 2hours ago. Matt was back the farthest skiing about 13 miles to go....Myrtle Turtle Award candidate.

I hear a biker just left Melgeorges about 1pm. I suspect it must be Spencer Klaussen, but must confirm.... No, sorry. It was Ken Krueger that left at 1pm.:)

Gateway Store report:
Andras Bucsinszky is about 3 miles north of Gateway Store and will probably arrive on foot about 3pm? He will likely drop out there.

The weather is great, a little colder which is preferred by most participants as the trail is harder, faster when cold. Maybe -10 expected tonight in remote areas of the trail.

More news to come as we have time to update it.


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