Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Unofficial results spreadsheet updated

Bria Schurke, Record on ski, first woman skier and youngest finisher ever
John Storkamp, Record on foot

Once again the weather forecast was over-optimistic and for the fourth year in a row the event took place in under -20 degrees F. On Tuesday night/Wed. morning the actual temps sunk to -22 degrees F in Int'l Falls, so probably less in remote low spots on the trail.

However, during the first day of the course the temps had hit a balmy +35 degrees F and it was funny to hear racers complain it was too warm, sweating, and struggling to move forward through the mushy snow. Wet shoes eventually solidified into ice boots when temps dropped at night.

The second half of the course became faster and easier to navigate as the sub-zero temps hardened the trail surface. Contrary to previous years, there was no moon. So dark, the clear skies revealed what seemed to be many more large bright stars than usual. A few people heard wolves howling in the distance and noticed paw prints on the trail.

By Wed. Feb. 6th, we had 27 finishers of over 50 starters...our best percentage yet:

3 new course records were established-

FOOT M John Storkamp new course time: 40h 30min
SKI M Phillipp Finzel new course time: 36h 35min
SKI F Bria Schurke time: 53h 11min, First woman skier ever to finish, youngest finisher ever.

Note: Dave Pramann missed his previous bike record in 2006 by only 3 minutes.

2008 Race Results chart


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