Sunday, November 30, 2008

Participants List updated Jan. 25, 2009

Congrats to the entrants accepted so far as of Jan. 25 to participate in the 2009 Arrowhead. Several have dropped out recently and few new entrants have signed up-

First Last Age Sex State Country
Lance Andre 39 M IA USA
Greg Ames 28 M MN USA
Brian Arms 26 M MN USA
Joel Austin 29 M WI USA
Norma Bastidas 41 F BC Canada (dropped out)
Greg Baxter 24 M MN USA
Jim Bodoh 56 M FL USA
Jason Boon 35 M MN USA
Terry Brannick M MN USA (new signup)
Bert Chamberlain 57 M MN USA
Jeff Colbert 40 M MN USA
Carles Conill 25 M Barcelona Spain
Mike Curiak M CO USA (new sign up)
Ben Eakin 20 M AR USA (dropped out)
Charlie Farrow 49 M MN USA
Chris Finch 41 M MN USA
Luke Finney 20 M TX USA
Lindsay Gauld 60 M Winnipeg Canada
Jason Giddings 34 M MN USA
Dave Gray 39 M MN USA
Dennis Grelk 29 M IA USA
Jim Grijalva 44 M ND USA
Billy Haug 37 M ND USA (dropped out)
Philip Jemielita 52 M MN USA
Eric Johnson 42 M UT USA
Jim Kalb 42 M MN USA
Jeremy Kershaw 37 M MN USA
Walker Kremsreiter 32 WI USA
Ken Krueger 45 M MN USA
Tim Krueger 27 M MN USA (dropped out)
John Kurth 42 M MN USA
Marlin Ledin 23 M MN USA
Chuck Lindner 36 M MN USA
Matt Long 52 M MN USA
Sarah Lowell 46 F NC USA (dropped out)
Kevin Martin 33 M MN USA
Matthew Maxwell 30 M IA USA
Stefano Miglietti 41 M Brescia, Italy
Steven Moulds 54 M MN USA
Garrett Mulrooney 40 M MN USA
Pierre Ostor 52 M MN France
Josh Peterson 34 M MN USA
Dave Pramann 51 M MN USA
Jack Prentice 37 M MN USA
Joao Prestes 60 M Curitiga Brazil
Jim Reed 49 M MN USA
Mike Reimer 43 M MN USA
Joseph Richie 29 M WA USA
Timothy Roe 29 M MN USA
Mitchell Rossman 52 M MN USA
Tom Rowe 60 M MN USA
Todd Sample 36 M MN USA
Bill Shand 39 M Ontario Canada
James Shipley 37 M MN USA
Dave Simmons 30 M ND USA
Mike Stattelman M MN USA (new signup)
John Storkamp 29 M MN USA
Lara Sullivan 41 F MN USA
Patrick Susnik 43 M MN USA
John Taylor 47 M MN USA
Jarom Thurston 34 M UT USA
Blaine Tonking 19 M MA USA
Robert Vercellino 23 M IL USA (dropped out)
Marcio Villar 41 M Rio De Janeiro Brazil
Rick Wagar 46 M ND USA
Nicholos Wethington 26 M IA USA
Pat White 42 M ND USA
Laurie Woodbury 53 F MN USA (dropped out)
Richard Woodbury 64 M MN USA (dropped out)
Iso Yucra, M CA USA or BOLIVIA (new sign up)


Blogger Lins said...

this year was suposed to be my arrowhead-free year... but looking at this list is making me have bad thoughts (really).... xD

5:53 AM  

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