Monday, February 16, 2009

Bert Chamberlain

I participated in the Arrowhead 135. I didn't finish but I was very pleased with my attempt. It is my opinion that a large part of challenges like the Arrowhead is how the race is organized from the directors to the volunteers. My impression of the Arrowhead is all positive. From the participants to the volunteers everyone was making sure that people were safe and having fun. I especially want to point out the caring and professionalism of the volunteer nurse. Thank you. I want to give kudos to the volunteers on the snowmobiles who had for the safety of the athletes as their top priority. They would check and recheck anyone that they had a concern for. A job well done. Even the athletes who did not finish the race wanted to be sure that everyone was safe. The attitude of the athletes and the volunteers comes from the leadership of the directors. I congratulate the leadership of the the Arrowhead 135 for having a very successful event. I plan to try again next year. Thank you, Bert Chamberlain.


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