Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dave Gray 2009 race report on Surly Blog

I had just returned from the grocery store at 4pm Saturday night, after dropping $92 and some change on “race food”, when the nausea set in. I dismissed it as pre-race jitters and the effects of sleep deprivation after spending much of the previous night readying my gear for my 4th Arrowhead 135 race. Unfortunately, the queasy feeling failed to cease,.........

..............As more finishers, non-finishers, volunteers, family, and friends showed up, a fuller picture of the race progression started to unfold. I enjoyed every racer’s account of their journey. We geeked out on gear, traded trail stories, and speculated on the whereabouts and health of the racers still on the march. Dad and I had to hit the road around 2pm. I would have enjoyed hanging out with more of the riders after the race, but the schedule didn’t allow it. Next year, I think I’ll stay in Tower an extra night before returning home.

Pierre and Cheryl Oster (the race directors) and all of the generous volunteers did a great job again this year. Hats off to you all. To the racers and their support crews, especially mine – my Dad…Thanks for playing. I hope to see you again sooner than later.


Link to the full report on Surly Blog


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