Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Final Finisher Tim Roe 6:08pm Feb. 4, 2009

Tim Roe completed the Arrowhead on foot at 6:08pm Wed.

Of 59 starters, 24 finished the Arrowhead in under 60 hours and 1 was disqualified.

26 bikers started, 15 finished.
26 on foot, 8 finished
7 skiers, 1 finished.

Official Firsts/Lasts:

First biker, first overall- Terry Brannick, RI Started at 8:30 am Mon. and finished at 5:30am Tues. in 21 hours.

Charlie Farrow, 2nd bike, 2nd overall, Duluth, MN started at 7:32am and finished together with Brannick at 5:30am Tues. in 21h 58 min.

First foot, Eric Johnson, Ogden UT, 13th overall, left at 7:13am and finished at 6:08am Wed. in 46h 55min.

First skier, Jeremy Kershaw, left at 7:40am and arrived at 3:14pm Wed. for 21st overall in 55h 34 min.

Youngest Finisher- Luke Finney, Us Naval Academy, age 20, left at 7:14 and finished 12:41pm Wed. for 4th foot and 19th overall in 53h 27 min.

Last Lone Wolf award to Melgeorges checkpoint at 11:50am Tues., Jason Giddings, biker, who eventually dropped on trail.

Last finisher, Tim Roe, started Monday on foot at 7:24 am and completed the Arrowhead at 6:08pm Wed. in 58h 44 min.

Temps dipped to -34F degrees in Tower the second night and usually temps are at least 5 degrees colder in low spots on the trail.

To see detailed results chart, click on link--
Results.htm page


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