Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Youngest finisher on foot and Bike finishers

Luke Finney, (foot) age 20 is the youngest finisher to complete the Arrowhead, at 12:41pm Wed., 4th foot, 19th overall

16th overall, 13 bike 52 Steven Moulds 54 M Bike
17 th overall, 14 bike 45 Philip Jemielita 52 M Bike
18th overall, 15 bike 48 Nicholos Wethington 26 M Bike
19 overall, 4th Foot, Youngest 42 Luke Finney 20 M Foot

Steve Moulds, bike 12:42pm Wed. 16th overall

Nick Wethington, bike 12:42pm Wed. 18th overall


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