Tuesday, February 03, 2009

First two bikers finished Feb. 3rd 5:30am

Terry Brannick (1st bike/overall)and Charlie Farrow (2nd bike) finished at 05:30am on Tues 2/3/09

David Pramann was last seen hanging out at the tipi checkpoint. About 12 bikers went out from Melgeorges on Monday night or Tues am. 1 biker Ken Krueger left early this 5:30am.

The 2 guys Jim Bodoh and Bert Chamberlain arrived safely at Gateway store by 10pm last night. They dropped out at Gateway and the checkpoint closed down.

Many people on bike and foot came into Melgeorges over night and many are still sleeping, eating breakfast in the Cabin. It is like a huge crowded slumber party in the cabin with gear/food everywhere.

Dropouts last night-

Dave Simmons, dropped at Shepherd RD. and Hwy 53.

Dropouts at Melgeorges-

Dave Gray, bike
John Storkamp, foot, picked up by snowmobiler on trail
Jason Boon, foot, picked up by snowmobiler on trail
Pierre Ostor is here and contemplating dropping out.

Marcio Villar was having trouble at shelter but was helped into his sleeping bag by racers. Snowmobiler and Navy dad Troy Finney found him. Troy speaks Portugese and said he seemed okay and wanted to keep going. Marcio was about 10miles out at 7am and on his way to Melgeorges on foot.

There are still many on foot/ski and a couple bikers (Chris Finch, Jim Grijalva, Jason Giddings, or John Kurth?) bivying on the trail north of Melgeorges, about 19 people. The snowmobilers left after 7am to go north and meet up with racers.

A few skiers are still north of Melgeorges with no news Matt Maxwell, Brian Arms, Jeremy Kershaw and Greg Baxter.

The finish line snowmobilers left about the same time to go north and locate position of bikers.

Bikers that left from Melgeorges last night and still out on the trail--
Dave Pramann at tipi 1am today along with Lance Andre
Lance Andre (5:30pm Mon.)

Mike Curiak 7pm Mon.
Dennis Grelk 7:50pm Mon.
Lindsay Gauld 8:25 pm

Bill Shand 10pm Mon.
Greg Ames 11:39pm Mon

Chuck Lindner (3:35am Tues)
Josh Peterson same time

Ken Krueger left Melgeorges 5:30 am Tues.


Blogger GreggP said...

Tough night for sure. Good luck to those still on the course. Thx for the updates. Mitch R's findmyspot says he's S of Ash rvr and moving toward MelGeorge's. Just as planned.

9:05 AM  

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