Monday, February 02, 2009

Gentlemen (and Lady), start your engines!!!!

58 men (bike, foot or ski) and 1 woman on foot began the 5th annual event on a staggered start at 7:06am thru 8:30am with nice trail and weather conditions. It was about -8 degrees F on the trail with light snow in the early morning and clear skies the rest of the morning.

Dave Pramann in the bike lead as of 11: 40 at the Gateway store took off immediately.
Charlie Farrow following immediately behind, ran into the store as if he was doing the 50 yd. dash, grabbed a couple bottles of something, paid and ran off outside to get on his bike so as not to get too far behind Pramann. Josh Peterson in 3rd and Lance Andre in fourth.

Both Pramann and Farrow had started together at 7:32am and passed over Hwy 53 at about 9:30 am with a few other bikers a few minutes behind--- Josh Peterson, Mike Curiak and former Olympian Lindsay Gauld, Lance Andre and Terry Brannick.

Terry had started at 8:30am. Several bikers later, Dave Gray crossed the Hwy 53 about 10:20am and he had started at 8:15 along with Lance Andre.

Most of the runners started about 7:10am and everybody passed the turnaround by 10:20am. There are mostly runners, then bikers, and finally skiers, more evenly split than in past races. We cannot give you the breakdown at this time.

We expect temps to remain around zero until night when lows will dip into the minus 20'sF.


Blogger trailtreker said...

It's great to see so many competitors this year and congrats to the one woman for representing! You go girl!!! I am wondering if there will be time and distance updates and if so at what miles?

1:50 PM  
Blogger Mom Miller said...

I am reading the posts from the Arrowhead official when her computer is available. I enjoy seeing the check-in times and wildlife notes.
I hope everyone weathered the cold night and have the energy for today's ride.
I wonder how the racer's strategies differed to stay warm and energized,
Go, Jason!

4:30 AM  

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