Monday, February 16, 2009

Jack Prentice


I will see if I can find the Jack London in me. If I write anything, I would again write from the perspective of "Ultra Learner". This years AH was very disappointing to me, but I did learn from the mistakes I made and will be back in 2010.

Maybe next year we could host an AH 135 social hour(s) after the Saturday gear check ends in the same meeting room. I would be willing to pop for a few cases of beer or wine and some snacks. You could have the projector scrolling old pictures along with 2010 rule updates/changes, etc. Or anyone willing to tell some stories about past trips would also be cool, the AK biker really had some neat pics and stories.

Also, my parents made it up again and they were much more relaxed about my participation this year and where again in complete amazement of what you organize and the people who travel to complete in the event.

Have a great spring, stay in touch. Let me know when you want my $$ for 2010 AH!!



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