Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Navy Guys

Luke--by the Numbers:
$ 15,023.10 raised for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation
135 Miles
53 hours 27 minutes
2 hours of sleep
2 sleds
4 or 5 layers
3 checkpoints and 1 tepee
Countless powerbars and gu’s
4 days of school missed
40 hours of driving
1 race, 1 goal

Blaine-Highs and Lows:
......Of course there were highs and lows during the race. Sometimes we would be able to pull each other out of it, and sometimes we would both be low, and we would remind ourselves to listen to our head and our heart, not our body. The times when we were both high, we would sing songs. I think I even did a couple of cartwheels at some point during the race.

...I had started to fall asleep while moving and running off the trail, so I followed the blinking light on the back of Luke’s sled, sometimes waking up and realizing I had been sleeping for ten minutes and had kept on moving. At those temperatures, it is very important that you don’t sweat too much so you don’t get hypothermia, and I had started to sweat. I took the mask and bandana off my face which had been warming the air I was breathing in so my lungs wouldn’t freeze. After this point, I only remember tiny segments until I opened my eyes and was in the hospital....

Luke's full report

Blaine's full report


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