Monday, February 02, 2009

More bikers just arrived at Melgeorges

Oh, Canada is now represented by former Munich Olympian Lindsay Gauld at 6:50pm.

Dave Gray (Surly) just arrived too at 6:54pm although he was feeling sick last night.

An hour or so ago, I saw some Italians wander in the restaurant and it took me 10 min. to realize it was Stefano Miglietti of Italy. We thought he might win the foot race considering his Alaska experience. Apparently, he went blazingly fast to Gateway Store, arriving at 3:15pm then dropping out. He says he feels great, no injuries but does not "feel right in his mind".

Last year bike finisher, Chuck Lindner of Warroad just arrived on bike, 6:58 pm.

I expect a fax from the GateWay store soon. Supposedly, only 3 people on foot still have not come in, about 13 are at the store ready to go.

Pierre Ostor had already left Gateway on foot about 6:15pm? John Storkamp left sometime after 4:15pm?


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