Tuesday, February 03, 2009

North of Melgeorges or at cabin checkpoint now

Marcio Villar (Brazil) left Gateway 5:43pm due in cabin shortly.
Blaine Tonking and fellow Navy Luke Finney left 6:15pm and at Melgeorges this am.
Iso Yucra left Gateway on foot at 6:30pm
Rick Wagar foot, left 6:30pm
Mitch Rossman left 6:40 on foot
Mike Stattleman 7:17pm

Many people on foot left together from the Gateway store last night about 8pm, including only woman on foot, Lara Sullivan, Carles Conill(Spain), John Taylor, Joe Richie, and Tim Roe.

Melgeorges foot arrivals-
Pat Susnik (dropped) and Matt Long arrived on foot at Melgeorges early Tues am and left 9:15am
Garret Mulrooney arrived at Melgeorges this 5:45am and left 9:30am
Pierre Ostor arrived this am and dropped at Melgeorges
Kevin Martin arrive 6am, left 10:10am (dropped)
Eric Johnson Melgeorges in at 6:15am
Jarom Thurston (Brazil) arrived 6:23am, left at 7:45 am (dropped)

Bikers arrived Melgeorges and still here--
Martin Ledin 2:03am was a little nautious but feels good now and wants to go back out, ultimately dropped.
Steven Moulds left 7:50am
Nick Wethington left 7:35am
Todd Sample left 7:45am (dropped)

Joel Austin left 8:15am
Phil Jemielita left at 9:40am

It is now 9:18 am and a few more people came in while I was over here typing. I must sign off now and go back to the cabin so you won't here from me for a while.


Blogger Gary said...

Although Jarom Thurston is running with the Brazilians, knows Portugese and spends a lot of time in Brazil, he is actually from Utah.

Gary Thurston (Father)

7:46 PM  

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