Monday, February 16, 2009

Walter Kremsreiter

Pierre & Cheryl,

It's almost 2 weeks since the Arrowhead Winter Ultra 135. Like so many others I had high expectations of finishing this intense survival race that few attept and even fewer finish. I was in the company of more than a few skilled, determined competitive endurance athletes. Only the toughest in the world will attack and finish this survival test of ones mindset and physical capabilities.

There are more details involved than any other race I have read about. I say read about cause the Arrowhead is not only my second Ultra, it was the second time I've ever attempted a race over a 5k. I've only run 2 5k's in the last 15 years.

Pierre you gave me the chance to compete with some of the greatest. While I know I'm not the only one to DNF, I'm stuck in a dilemma of pride. We all got some pretty cool items. One being the T-shirts that we all can wear to show off this wild race. But not having finished I don't feel I should have the honor and privilege of wearing it. I would hate for those that had finished to look at me wearing this shirt and be like "That dude DNF'ed! Where does he get off wearing that shirt?" I have always felt one should earn the honor of wearing something like this. So what to do? I haven't figured that out yet.

Thanks for the most awsome experience, a great time and just for giving a dreaming finisher a shot. I'll be back next year, better planned, better trained, more experienced, 'cause after this every other race is just a stepping stone, a training run if you will, for the Arrowhead 135.

So until 2010, good luck and be safe,

#47 Walker Kremsreiter


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