Thursday, November 19, 2009

New start, meeting locations, motel rates for Feb. 2010

Arrowhead 2010 confirmed race changes, (updated Dec. 28):

The City of Intl Falls and a local business sponsor have arranged the Backus Auditorium for the sign-in/gear check and the VFW club for Sunday pre-race meetings at 3:30pm and spaghetti dinner at 5pm, Sunday (cost $8/person).

The city is inviting local officials, the Mayor, Chamber of Commerce, US Senators, and the Governor to attend meetings, plus a few other nice surprises.

The start will be at the Kerry Arena next to the trail head in center of town, with lots of plowed parking. The local snowmobile club, emergency medical EMT's, ham radio operators and drivers with trailers to assist as volunteers.

There will be Police personnel at 11th street and traffic signs posted Hwy 53 crossing to warn traffic. County Sheriff will participate as well.

Arrowhead Race, Motel offers Intl Falls near the start:
Voyageur Motel tel. 1-218-283-9424 $39/1 single, $49 double, $59 triple,+$10 per rollaway bed; recently remodelled, wireless internet.
Jerald Netland 218-324-1972

TeePee Motel tel. 1-800-850-1518, 218-283-8494, $36+ tax single, $48- 2 people single, $54 double, +$10 per additional rollaway bed.

If you have any additional ideas or requests, please let us know and we can ask the city.


Blogger Alicia said...

So how does the change of start affect the course mileage? Will it be more than 135 now, or will that out-and-back section be shortened?

4:25 PM  
Blogger ArrowheadUltra said...

Pierre says it is about 0.3 of a mile shorter. Really it makes no difference as the finish used to be closer, and the placement of the tipi will be different, too. etc.

6:32 PM  

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