Thursday, November 19, 2009

New start, meeting locations, motel rates for Feb. 2010

Arrowhead 2010 confirmed race changes, (updated Dec. 28):

The City of Intl Falls and a local business sponsor have arranged the Backus Auditorium for the sign-in/gear check and the VFW club for Sunday pre-race meetings at 3:30pm and spaghetti dinner at 5pm, Sunday (cost $8/person).

The city is inviting local officials, the Mayor, Chamber of Commerce, US Senators, and the Governor to attend meetings, plus a few other nice surprises.

The start will be at the Kerry Arena next to the trail head in center of town, with lots of plowed parking. The local snowmobile club, emergency medical EMT's, ham radio operators and drivers with trailers to assist as volunteers.

There will be Police personnel at 11th street and traffic signs posted Hwy 53 crossing to warn traffic. County Sheriff will participate as well.

Arrowhead Race, Motel offers Intl Falls near the start:
Voyageur Motel tel. 1-218-283-9424 $39/1 single, $49 double, $59 triple,+$10 per rollaway bed; recently remodelled, wireless internet.
Jerald Netland 218-324-1972

TeePee Motel tel. 1-800-850-1518, 218-283-8494, $36+ tax single, $48- 2 people single, $54 double, +$10 per additional rollaway bed.

If you have any additional ideas or requests, please let us know and we can ask the city.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good News! We reopened the registration today.

The "powers that be" have told us tentatively that we can allow more participants this year, so we are reopening the Arrowhead 2010 registration until we have 125 participants.

We expect to make improvements to the start of the race and will announce new motel rates and venue/start changes in International Falls shortly.

The City of International Falls is kindly looking to provide more assistance to the 2010 event and we will keep you posted as the details become finalized.

Thank you to all the Arrowhead volunteers. We sincerely appreciate your contributions and we look forward to your participation again this year.
With the impressive list of racers, we will need your assistance more than ever.

Pierre & Cheryl Ostor
Race Directors

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Arrowhead roster as of Jan.31, 2010

The Arrowhead roster of 102 entrants total from 11 countries and 26 states is below.
(There were 12 no shows at the registration).

Race No./Name/gender/Experience/State/Nation/Age
51 Adams Deanna F Rookie AZ USA 21
52 Aldovini Roberto M Rookie Italy 37
6 Ames Greg M Veteran ND USA 29
53 Anderson Blair M Rookie Sask Canada 56
54 Anderson, Ryan M Rookie Winnipeg Canada 31
33 Andre Lance M Veteran FL USA 40
55 Appert John M Rookie OK USA 31
56 Arel Christian M Rookie MN USA 17
57 Balabuck, Jonathan M Rookie, ON Canada 29 (no show)
58 Bassinger Peter M Rookie AK USA 29
59 Benetti Aaron M Rookie MO USA 33
32 Boon, Jason M Veteran MN USA 36
60 Bowers Timothy M Rookie MN USA
61 Bradley Bill M Rookie CA USA 49
1 Brannick Terry M Veteran RI USA 46
62 Buffington, Jason M Rookie MN USA 40
63 Byrom, Roger M Rookie NYC USA/UK 51 (Dropped out)
31 Cerqueira Rodrigo M Veteran Brazil 37
64 Clark Ben M Rookie ND USA 19
65 Coats David M Rookie TX USA 48
20 Conill Carles M Veteran Barcelona Spain 26
66 Criego Michael M Rookie MN USA 39
67 DeBoise Karen F Rookie IL USA 47
68 Denoma, Michael M Rookie Singapore 56 (no show)
69 Di Giorgio, Andrea M Rookie Ravenna Italy 42
70 Dittmer Dan M Rookie MN USA 32
71 Errington Paul M Rookie United Kingdom 31
72 Fanetti Aaron M Rookie MO USA 35 (dropped out)
73 Farinazzo Marco M Rookie Brazil 41
2 Farrow Charlie M Veteran MN USA 50
30 Finch Chris M Veteran MN USA 42
17 Finney, Luke M Veteran MD, USA 21
74 Fleming Bill M Rookie AK USA 39 (dropped out)
75 Freeman Rick M Rookie PA USA 51
34 Gabrielson Don M Veteran VA USA 43
4 Gauld Lindsay M Veteran Winnipeg, Canada 61
29 Gingerich Zach M Rookie IL USA 30
76 Girling, Douglas M Rookie NY 43 (South Africa)
35 Gray, Dave M Veteran MN USA 40
3 Grelk Dennis M Veteran IA USA 30
77 Griffin Garrett M Rookie MD USA 20
36 Grijalva Jim M Veteran ND USA 45
78 Gullo Dennis M Rookie IL USA 40
79 Hanela, Craig M Rookie WA USA 34
80 Hardy, Timothy (Major) M Rookie NY USA/(Afghanistan) 48
81 Haug, Bill M Rookie ND USA
37 Hudelson Alicia F Veteran MN USA 25
15 Jemielita Philip M Veteran MN USA 53
11 Johnson Eric M Veteran UT USA 43
82 Jones Douglas M Rookie WI USA 22
83 Kalb Jim M Veteran MN USA 43
19 Kershaw Jeremy M Veteran MN USA 38
84 Koitzsch Billy M Rookie AK USA 37
28 Kremsreiter Walker M Veteran WI USA 33 (Dropped out)
10 Krueger Ken M Veteran MN USA 46
38 Kurth John M Veteran MN USA 43
85 Lillie, Leon M Rookie MN USA 48
8 Lindner Chuck M Veteran MN USA 38
86 Link Steve M Rookie MD USA 21
18 Long Matt M Veteran WI USA 53
87 Magness, Andy M Veteran ND USA 34
27 Maxwell Matthew M Veteran IA USA 31
88 May Robert M Rookie PA USA 32
89 McDonald Tom Rookie CA USA 42
90 McDonough John M Rookie MA USA 20 (dropped out)
91 McKenzie Vannessa F Rookie IL USA 36 (dropped out)
26 Meyers Scott M Veteran WI USA 42
14 Moulds Steven M Veteran MN USA 55
12 Mulrooney, Garrett M Veteran USA 42 (dropped out)
92 Neckar Timothy M Rookie TX USA 48
93 Novak Jason M Rookie MN USA 37
94 O'Brien Jim M Rookie IL USA 31
95 Oatley Jeff M Rookie AK USA 40
23 Ostor Pierre M Veteran MN France 53
96 Ostrom Robert M Rookie AK USA 39
25 Pattison Gregg M Veteran MN USA 47 (dropped out)
7 Peterson Josh M Veteran MN USA 35
97 Plaskonka David M Rookie MA USA 28 (dropped out)
98 Plesko Christopher M Rookie CO USA 27
5 Pramann David M Veteran MN USA 52
99 Reed, Jim M Veteran MN USA 50
100 Richie Joe M Rookie WA USA 30
101 Rios Parker M Rookie WI USA 43
21 Roe Tim M Veteran WI USA 30
102 Roget Vance M Rookie CA USA 55
39 Saari, Daryl M Rookie MN USA 47
103 Sample Todd M Veteran MN USA 37
104 Sanchez Ray M Rookie CA USA 43
105 Sears, David M Rookie ND USA 41
9 Shand Bill M Veteran SD Canada 40
24 Simmons Dave M Veteran ND USA 31
106 Siravo Michael M Rookie NY USA 43
40 Skora Patrick M Veteran CA USA 29
41 Stattelman Mike M Veteran MN USA
114 Stern Tim M Rookie CO USA 42
22 Storkamp John M Veteran MN USA
107 Stull James M Rookie AK USA 34 (dropped out)
42 Susnik Pat M Veteran MN USA
108 Tate Brian M Rookie SC USA 40
43 Taylor John M Veteran MN USA 48
109 Thomas, Matthew M Rookie MO USA 32
45 Thurston Jarom M Veteran UT USA
44 Tonking Blaine M Veteran MA USA 20
110 Tower, Janice F Rookie AK USA
111 Tri, Charles M Rookie MN USA 31
46 Wagar Rick M Veteran ND USA 47
16 Wethington Nicholos M Veteran IA USA 27
47 White, Pat M Veteran ND USA 43
112 Wiaderek Markus M Rookie Montreal, Canada (German) 41
48 Woodbury Laurie F Veteran MN USA 54
49 Woodbury Richard M Veteran MN USA 65
113 Young Taaga TJ M Rookie NV, USA/Samoa? 34
13 Yucra Iso M Veteran Bolivia 41
50 Zylstra, Ken M Rookie MN USA 47