Saturday, January 16, 2010

Minor finish line changes

Guys, we are changing the finish a little this year. We have not figured out a good way to explain it yet....need to draw a map. It won't make much difference for the racers, more for the volunteers and spectators.

The outdoor banner is the true finish this year, (not inside the building).

The trail finish is the same, but when you arrive to the casino building turn left (instead of right) for the finish line banner towards the pool/lake end of the building.
Then you will go around the building to the right around the pool where there is a small door that you can enter. If you follow the signs and go downstairs, there is a space with security cameras to put your bike/sled and gear.

We have booked several suite rooms around #259,261,263 (on the ground floor) overlooking straight down the trail and the the finish banner for the volunteers/spectators to see you coming and take photos from the decks.

There is also a larger hospitality suite near the pool above the secure gear area, but it does not have a view. We won't use the big room we had last year.

All the rooms #259, 359, 459, 559 look straight down the trail, so good spots to take photos from the deck.

Does that make any sense?

Link to Finish Map


Blogger Joboo said...

Good luck to all the racers!!
I'll be thinking about you as I ride my pugs to work in the a.m. -20 is nothing!!! Lol
look forward to the race updates on this blog!

Peace, Joboo

10:40 PM  

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