Thursday, January 14, 2010

Move Tipi to Crescent restaurant parking lot.

9257 E. Olson Road
Lake Vermillion/Cook, MN 55723
owners: Greg & Jodi LaPatka

The Crescent restaurant owner has kindly offered to allow us to put the Tipi on their property this year. It is located on Olson Road just south after the Wakemup shelter (which is on top of a hill). They will plow out some parking for the volunteers and spectators to use.

Participants will need to exit off the trail to the left and go about 200 feet to find the Tipi. There will be water there for racers this year and a heated trailer for the snowmobile volunteers. Racers are allowed to go into the restaurant and buy food, but it will not be open all night. The restaurant has great food and a wide variety of choices. Hours are 11am to 1am.

Racers are allowed to purchase goods/services from any of our checkpoint sponsors.
(No alcohol is allowed, though, as it causes hypothermia).


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