Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Melgeorges foot/ski

Alot of people came into Melgeorges this morning and several dropped, but everybody is safe. Most are still at the cabin and several leaders went back out on the trail.
I get the news via phone so bear with me. I will update shortly.

These are in no particular order, just unofficial raw data and could have errors.

People that were picked up by snowmobile or dropped at Melgeorges-
Alicia Hudelson
Tim Neckar
Vance Roget
Jason Boon 5:30am
Patrick Skora 8:09 am
Jarom Thurston at 2:53am
David Sears at 3:52 am

Back out on the trail-
Eric Johnson 5:40am
John Storkamp 7:35am
Matt Long 8:04am
Jim O'brien 7:58am
Zach Gingerich time?

In at Melgeorges-

Iso Yucra 7:08am
Luke Finney 6:34
Carles Conill 6:26
Tim Roe 6:26
Scott Meyers 7:32
Matt Maxwell (ski) 7:10
Daryl Saari 7:26
Mike Stattleman (ski) 7:44
No word about Pierre Ostor (ski) yet.
Pat Susnik 5:09
Roberto Aldovini 7:37am
Blair Anderson 6:54
Ryan Anderson 8:26
Rick Freeman 7:42
Douglas Girling 5:23
Garret Griffin 6:34
Craig Hanela 6:07
Tim Hardy 6:54
Steve Link 6:07
Brian Tate 8:04
Markus Wiederek 7:08

Still about 20 more people out on trail before Melgeorge check point.


Blogger egasu said...

Go #113 Taaga(Tj)Young!!!!! Mom says..."That's my son, Go my son! We love you!"

9:18 AM  
Blogger egasu said...

#113 Tj said there was a skiier out there with him could that be Pierre? I hope they can make it in.

9:38 AM  
Blogger egasu said...

Any news for #113 Taaga Young? Did he make it to Melgeorges?

11:18 AM  

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