Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Melgeorges update

fyi- These messages are meant primarily for volunteers to ensure the safety of people. We have limited time and resources so we are not able make them more detailed or formatted for friends and family.

We will post the final official results later. The temp was about +10F today and the trail has been fast across the board this year...more people will finish than usual, a good sign.

Ben Clark just arrived at Melgeorges about 15:40.
David Coats out (dropped) at Melgeorges, taking van.

3 people still have not arrived and snowmobilers are out searching for them-
Tim Bowers
Karen Deboise
Bill Bradley

All others are accounted for.


Blogger Dale Nesbitt said...

I've been watching Bill Bradley's SPOT. He's still moving.

4:35 PM  
Blogger egasu said...

Thank you so much for your BLOG info and updates. Glad to hear that #113 Taaga and another runner Marco have started the second half just after 3pm.
Go Teej and Marco!!!
Mom and Lois

6:59 PM  

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