Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rick Freeman Arrowhead 2010 race report

Hi Pierre and Cheryl,

I would like to thank you for organizing the Arrowhead 135, I had a great time on an excellent course. I returned home from the race just in time for the blizzard of 2010 here in Pittsburgh. The power was out for days and I lost my computer along with other electrical items. Finally back on line, that is why this message is not so timely. I told my wife that it would have been easier to just re-pack the sled and live in the wilderness for a week than to manage the house with no power or heat. It was a struggle to keep everything from freezing. We camped out in front of the fireplace with the dogs.

I enjoyed the race and was surprised at the number of hills in MN, I though it was flat there! The folks in International Falls and at the finish were just wonderful. The support at the checkpoints and the folks supervising along the trail were always friendly and helpful.

Pierre, I really enjoyed seeing the newest tool you designed. I looked at the Park website, as I had not been there before, but now that I see how much information is there, I will visit it often.

I posted my report here:

Thanks again, I will be back,
Rick Freeman
Steeler Nation


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