Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rick Freeman Arrowhead 2010 race report

Hi Pierre and Cheryl,

I would like to thank you for organizing the Arrowhead 135, I had a great time on an excellent course. I returned home from the race just in time for the blizzard of 2010 here in Pittsburgh. The power was out for days and I lost my computer along with other electrical items. Finally back on line, that is why this message is not so timely. I told my wife that it would have been easier to just re-pack the sled and live in the wilderness for a week than to manage the house with no power or heat. It was a struggle to keep everything from freezing. We camped out in front of the fireplace with the dogs.

I enjoyed the race and was surprised at the number of hills in MN, I though it was flat there! The folks in International Falls and at the finish were just wonderful. The support at the checkpoints and the folks supervising along the trail were always friendly and helpful.

Pierre, I really enjoyed seeing the newest tool you designed. I looked at the Park website, as I had not been there before, but now that I see how much information is there, I will visit it often.

I posted my report here:

Thanks again, I will be back,
Rick Freeman
Steeler Nation

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Biker Lindsay's race report

From: Lindsay Gauld

Lindsay's race report

Hi Cheryl and Pierre,

Thanks for a great event.


Bikers Richard & Laurie Woodbury

Hi, Cheryl and Pierre,

Attached is our race report. I've also attached a photo that Ron Kadera took of us at Melgeorge.

Thanks again for everything!

Laurie and Dick

Race Report

Friday, February 12, 2010

Skier Matt Maxwell report

Matt Maxwell's blog entry about his 2010 Arrowhead finish on skis---

Biker Dave Gray 2010 race report

Pierre and Cheryl,

Here’s a link to my Arrowhead blog…


Thanks again for organizing the event.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Biker Charlie Farrow report

Dear Pierre and Cheryl:

I wrote up a little essay on my experiences related to your amazing race...I would love to see it posted on the AH website..



Charlie Farrow
Esko Public School
Social Studies

Skier Mike Stattelman report

Below is a link to Mike's race report-

Race report

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jim Bodoh's beauteous photo collection

I just finished sorting through and uploading my pictures to my web server.

They are here:

When looking at a larger image, by clicking on the right/left side of the image, you can move to the next/previous image in that gallery. On each large image there is a link "Download Photo (3168x4752)" which will download the full resolution image (about 8-10 megabytes).

All images are free for non-commercial use.

I had vehicle trouble Monday AM (my Van wouldn't start) and missed the first few people to cross Highway 332. I was also having trouble getting good focus, so those pictures aren't very sharp. Don't know if it was the low light, me, or the temperature was affecting the camera. The ones from Highway 53 Crossing and Gateway Store (before it got dark) are much better.

The individual gallery's are enabled for the CoolIris browser plugin. If you've not tried it, you should because it's really cool.

In case anyone wants to make a donation to support my efforts, click here.

I attempted the race in 2008 & 2009, only making it as far as the Gateway Store. Observing and talking to people, I learned a lot this year and hope to be back in 2011, not as a photographer, but as a competitor.


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Biker David Pramann report

Link to Dave's 2010 race report entitled "2010 Fair".

Monday, February 08, 2010

110 Photos Thanks to I Falls Daily Journal

Thanks for the photos. Great pics. I also wish I would've had more space for a bigger story, but we just switched from a daily newspaper to bi-weekly, and winter sports is our busiest time, so there wasn't much room. HOWEVER, all of the photos I took are online.

Here's the link:

Link to 110 photos on ifalls daily

Feel free to post that in your blog on I have pictures from the spaghetti feed to the Gateway checkpoint to where racers crossed Hwy. 53. Thanks again for everything and hope everything turned out well for you guys.

Jim Johnson
Sports Editor
The Journal, International Falls

Arrowhead Start at Kerry Park Arena, Intl Falls MN

Photos by volunteer Cait Johnson

Skier Jim Reed report

After 3 tries I finally finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and had a great time.

Jim Reed

Race Report

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Biker Jason Novak race report

Cheryl and Pierre,

Thank you for putting on this race. As a first timer, I was blown away by the hospitality and support of the organizers, volunteers, and the communities involved. Here is my report. I hope to see you next year.

Jason Novak

Race report

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Perennial Biker Bill Shand race report

Hi Cheryl and Pierre,

Here is my story on the race. Thanks again for putting on such a great event.

Best Regards,


Race Report

Biker Andy Magness race report

Great race guys - thanks to you two and all the volunteers for making it happen once again. In preparation and anticipation for it i got a kick out of browsing through all the trip reports from years past, so thought i'd send mine for future generations (:

Also want to personally thank Rick Mangan for the use of the pugs (without which none of this would have been possible for me!), Pat White for keeping my face from freezing (vaseline) and helping with all my pre-race bike issues, Jim Grijalva for an awesome pre-race meal, Rich for acting as support crew, Jeremy Kershaw for company on the trail, Don G. for all the encouragement, and Bill Shand for sticking with me through many dark hours - had it not been for him i'd have had to bivy for sure!

Here's my report:

Here are a few 'self-portrait' photos throughout the race:

Thanks again for a memorable event!


Friday, February 05, 2010

Joel Austin's photos

Joel Austin took some nice Arrowhead trail photos of Lance Andre and friends.

They are posted at the below link:

Thursday, February 04, 2010

note from Janice Tower

Pierre and Cheryl,

I second Jeff 's comments about the hospitality of the volunteers and you, our race directors. I was fortunate to be able to stick around for awhile at the checkpoints which was an honest pleasure to visit with the volunteers, fellow racers and their families. I had an enjoyable event due to the extra time that I spent at Melgeorge's replenishing myself, problem solving and getting recon from race veterans. The information gave me the courage to head out into the darkness. I love the solitude of the trail and was in awe of the brilliant constellations of the moonless early evening Minnesota sky!

I particularly appreciated the welcoming attitude of folks in International Falls! The town folk there are the salt of the Earth! I learned a lot about lake fishery management, Walleye and harvesting Minnesota wild rice which apparently is far superior to "paddy rice."
Thanks to Anton for the ride back to The Falls and for the education on local history and culture. I hope that others took advantage of the opportunity to learn about northern Minnesota. Thanks also to Dick and Karen at the Tee Pee Motel, who made sure I was comfortable and well taken care of.

I do wish you continued success in growing this race while maintaining its adventurous character. I expect that other Alaskans will be eager to come down and take on the challenge.



Winner email to volunteers

Hi Cheryl & Pierre-

I just wanted to thank both of you, as well as the rest of the Arrowhead race organization, and all of the volunteers for putting on such a great race. I had a really good time and got to race & ride with some really cool people. It was certainly worth the trip down from Fairbanks and with a little luck I will be back again next year.

The thing that I always regret about doing these races is that I never get to spend much time in checkpoints talking to the volunteers because I'm always in a hurry to get in and out. It feels a little bit rude. But please do pass along how much those volunteers were appreciated. And that I thought everybody was extremely friendly and helpfull!! They made it possible for the racers to be able to get in and out as fast as each of us wanted too.

The finish venue could not have been better!!! Except that next time I'm sending a swimsuit in my clothing bag.

I think you guys have a great race and with the support that you have in International Falls it will continue to get bigger and better. Congratulations.

Thanks for all of your efforts!!

Jeff Oatley

Jeremy Kershaw race report

Hey There!

I am sending you the link to this year's write up. Thanks for a spectacular event. I was impressed by the organization again. I personally hope that it does not grow too much more. One can lose the "feel" of something with too many people. This year was great.

Thanks So Much!

Jeremy Kershaw

29er singlespeed bike


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

61 people finished out of 102 starters

(left to right) Bikers: Pramann, Oatley and Basinger.

Overall Race # Last First Age Sex Category Finish Time Hours:Min:Sec Place
1 95 Oatley Jeff 40 M Bike 2/1/10 11:20 PM 16:17:00 1st Overall, 1st bike
2 58 Basinger Peter 29 M Bike 2/1/10 11:20 PM 16:17:10 2nd bike
3 5 Pramann David 52 M Bike 2/1/10 11:21 PM 16:18:00 3rd bike
4 33 Andre Lance 40 M Bike 2/2/10 12:00 AM 16:57:00 4th bike
5 70 Dittmer Dan 32 M Bike 2/2/10 12:10 AM 17:07:00 5b
6 114 Stern Tim 42 M Bike 2/2/10 2:43 AM 19:40:00 6b
7 62 Buffington Jason 40 M Bike 2/2/10 2:50 AM 19:47:00 7b
8 2 Farrow Charlie 50 M Bike 2/2/10 3:05 AM 20:02:00 8b
9 35 Gray Dave 40 M Bike 2/2/10 3:20 AM 20:17:00 9b
10 3 Grelk Dennis 30 M Bike 2/2/10 4:11 AM 21:08:00 10b
11 4 Gauld Lindsey 61 M Bike 2/2/10 6:31 AM 23:28:00 11b
12 19 Kershaw Jeremy 38 M Bike 2/2/10 7:07 AM 24:04:00 12b
13 9 Shand Bill 40 M Bike 2/2/10 9:21 AM 26:18:00 13b
14 93 Novak Jason 37 M Bike 2/2/10 9:25 AM 26:22:00 14b
15 87 Magness Andy 34 M Bike 2/2/10 9:27 AM 26:24:00 15b
16 34 Gabrielson Don 43 M Bike 2/2/10 9:42 AM 26:39:00 16b
17 110 Tower Janice F Bike 2/2/10 9:49 AM 26:46:00 17b, 1st woman bike
18 98 Plesko Christopher 27 M Bike 2/2/10 10:27 AM 27:24:00 18b
19 8 Lindner Chuck 38 M Bike 2/2/10 10:35 AM 27:32:00 19b
20 10 Krueger Ken 46 M Bike 2/2/10 1:28 PM 30:25:00 20b
21 50 Zylstra Ken 47 M Bike 2/2/10 2:26 PM 31:23:00 21b
22 71 Errington Paul 31 M Bike 2/2/10 2:35 PM 31:37:00 22b
23 96 Ostrom Robert 39 M Bike 2/2/10 2:40 PM 31:37:00 23b
24 84 Koitzsch Billy 37 M Bike 2/2/10 2:40 PM 31:37:00 24b
25 16 Wethington Nicholos 27 M Bike 2/2/10 3:00 PM 31:57:00 25b
26 7 Peterson Josh 35 M Bike 2/2/10 3:24 PM 32:21:00 26b
27 24 Simmons David 31 M Bike 2/2/10 5:50 PM 34:47:00 27b
28 59 Benetti Aaron 33 M Bike 2/2/10 6:19 PM 35:16:00 28b
29 109 Thomas Matthew 32 M Bike 2/2/10 6:21 PM 35:18:00 29b
30 47 White Pat 43 M Bike 2/2/10 6:50 PM 35:47:00 30b
31 89 McDonald Tom 42 M Bike 2/2/10 7:19 PM 36:16:00 31b
32 14 Moulds Steven 55 M Bike 2/2/10 8:02 PM 36:59:00 32b
33 29 Gingerich Zach 30 M Foot 2/2/10 9:02 PM 37:59:00 1st Foot
34 30 Finch Chris 42 M Bike 2/3/10 12:32 AM 41:29:00 33b
35 38 Kurth John 43 M Bike 2/3/10 12:32 AM 41:29:00 34b
36 15 Jemielita Philip 53 M Bike 2/3/10 12:33 AM 41:30:00 35b
37 48 Woodbury Laurie 54 F Bike 2/3/10 12:34 AM 41:31:00 36b, 2nd woman
38 49 Woodbury Richard 65 M Bike 2/3/10 12:34 AM 41:31:00 37b, oldest
39 11 Johnson Eric 43 M Foot 2/3/10 5:25 AM 46:22:00 2f
40 18 Long Matt 53 M Foot 2/3/10 6:39 AM 47:36:00 3f
41 22 Storkamp John M Foot 2/3/10 6:39 AM 47:36:00 4f
42 13 Yucra Iso 41 M Foot 2/3/10 7:49 AM 48:46:00 5f
43 112 Wiaderek Markus 41 M Foot 2/3/10 9:19 AM 50:16:00 6f
44 20 Conill Carles 26 M Foot 2/3/10 9:24 AM 50:21:00 7f
45 86 Link Steve 21 M Foot 2/3/10 10:26 AM 51:23:00 8f
46 17 Finney Luke 21 M Foot 2/3/10 10:36 AM 51:33:00 9f
47 76 Girling Douglas 43 M Foot 2/3/10 11:33 AM 52:30:00 10f
48 99 Reed Jim 50 M Ski 2/3/10 11:50 AM 52:47:00 1st ski
49 56 Arel Christian 17 M Bike 2/3/10 12:02 PM 52:59:00 38b, youngest
50 75 Freeman Rick 51 M Foot 2/3/10 12:55 PM 53:52:00 11f
51 21 Roe Tim 30 M Ski 2/3/10 1:13 PM 54:10:00 2s
52 39 Saari Daryl 47 M Foot 2/3/10 1:13 PM 54:10:00 12f
53 79 Hanela Craig 34 M Foot 2/3/10 1:14 PM 54:11:00 13f
54 27 Maxwell Matthew 31 M Ski 2/3/10 1:24 PM 54:21:00 3s
55 104 Sanchez Ray 43 M Foot 2/3/10 1:55 PM 54:52:00 14f
56 41 Stattelman Mike M Ski 2/3/10 2:00 PM 54:57:00 4s
57 26 Meyers Scott 42 M Foot 2/3/10 2:39 PM 55:36:00 15f
58 69 DiGiorgio Andrea 42 M Foot 2/3/10 3:10 PM 56:07:00 16f
59 73 Farinazzo Marco 41 M Foot 2/3/10 4:51 PM 57:48:00 17f
60 113 Young Taaga TJ 34 M Foot 2/3/10 4:52 PM 57:49:00 18f
61 43 Taylor John 48 M Foot 2/3/10 6:14 PM 59:11:00 19f

Last finisher

The last racer crossed the line at 6:14 on Wednesday. It was #43 John Taylor.

Wed. Foot Finishers

#73 Marco Farinazzo (Brazil) and #113 TJ Taaga Young finished at 16:51 and 16:52, respectively.

Recent finishers

104 Sanchez Ray 1:55 PM
41 Stattelman Mike 2:00 PM
26 Meyers Scott 2:39 PM
69 DiGiorgio Andrea 3:10 PM

Finishers Wednesday am and still on trail

75 Freeman Rick Foot 12:55 AM
76 Girling Douglas Foot 11:33 AM
79 Hanela Craig Foot 1:14 PM
86 Link Steve Foot 10:26 AM
56 Arel Christian Bike At 12:02pm
New record: Youngest finisher age 17 & biker
26 Meyers Scott Foot Finished
69 DiGiorgio Andrea foot Finished
27 Maxwell Matthew ski finished 13:24

Still on the trail:

41 Stattelman Mike ski
43 Taylor John
73 Farinazzo Marco
104 Sanchez Ray
113 Young Taaga TJ

Joe Richie is found okay

Joe Richie has been found and picked up by our snowmobilers. He is fine. He was farther north than expected. They are bringing him to the finish.

Joe Richie

We are searching for #100 Joe Richie of Seattle. We believe he was last seen at a shelter north of Highway 23 and has not checked in at the tipi.

If there is a misunderstanding, he should call us immediately ie., if he has left the trail and forgot to call us.

All other racers are accounted for and all the remaining racers on the trail are south of the tipi, including people that would have passed him last night.

Foot Finisher

Douglas Girling NY/South Africa just arrived at the finish within the last half hour.

Tipi update

The racers are past the tipi checkpoint for the most part.

#17 Luke Finney Foot South of Crescent (tipi)check point
#21 Tim Roe Ski South of Crescent check point
#26 Scott Meyers Foot South of Crescent check point
#27 Mathew Maxwell Ski South of Crescent check point
#39 Daryl Saari Foot South of Crescent check point
#41 Mike Stattelman Ski South of Crescent check point
#43 John Taylor Foot Left tipi at 09:52
#56 Christian Arel Bike Camped at tipi, and now has left.
#69 Andrea DiGiorgio Foot South of Crescent check point
#73 Marco Farinazzo Foot South of Crescent check point
#75 Rick Freeman Foot South of Crescent check point
#76 Douglas Girling Foot South of Crescent check point
#79 Craig Hanela Foot South of Crescent check point
#86 Steve Link Foot South of Crescent check point
#99 Jim Reed Ski South of Crescent check point
#104 Ray Sanchez Foot South of Crescent check point
#113 Taaga Young Foot South of Crescent check point

More Foot Finishers

Carles Conill (Spain) and Markus Wiaderek (Canada/Germany) finished within the last half hour.

Foot finisher

Iso Yucra arrived at the finish about 7:48am.

Tipi info as of 5:30am

#13 Iso Yucra Foot North of Crescent check point
#17 Luke Finney Foot North of Crescent check point
#18 Matt Long Foot Left Crescent at 2310 on 2/2. Finished
#20 Carles Conill Foot North of Crescent check point
#21 Tim Roe Ski North of Crescent check point
#22 John Storkamp Foot Left Crescent at 2310 on 2/2. Finished
#26 Scott Meyers Foot North of Crescent check point
#27 Mathew Maxwell Ski North of Crescent check point
#39 Daryl Saari Foot North of Crescent check point
#41 Mike Stattelman Ski North of Crescent check point
#42 Pat Susnik Foot North of Crescent check point (dropped)
#43 John Taylor Foot North of Crescent check point
#56 Christain Arel Bike Camped at Crescent tipi check point
#69 Andrea DiGiorgio Foot North of Crescent check point
#73 Marco Farinazzo Foot North of Crescent check point
#75 Rick Freeman Foot North of Crescent check point
#76 Douglas Girling Foot North of Crescent check point
#79 Craig Hanela Foot North of Crescent check point
#83 Jim Kalb Bike dropped.
#86 Steve Link Foot North of Crescent check point
#99 Jim Reed Ski North of Crescent check point
#100 Joe Richie Foot May have dropped, checking with snowmobilers
#104 Ray Sanchez Foot North of Crescent check point
#112 Markus Wiaderek Foot North of Crescent check point
#113 Taaga Young Foot North of Crescent, at tipi at 8:00 am

Racer drops

Bill Bradley at Melgeorges, last night. It was -13F degrees around midnight.
Michael Criego dropped at Melgeorges yesterday.
Brian Tate dropped at Melgeorges yesterday and took van.

Jim Kalb was a drop at MelGeorges so he is okay.

Jim Grijalva was a drop and was seen at Fortune Bay.

Major Tim Hardy is at finish.

Pat Susnik is at finish.

Foot finishers

Three foot racers finished on Wednesday morning:

#11 Eric Johnson @ 05:25
#18 Mat Long and #22 John Storkamp @ 06:39

They say trail conditions were cold and sleepy. :)

4 bikers just finished

A group of bikers just arrived at the finish-
Chris Finch
Phil Jemielita
Dick & Laurie Woodbury


Melgeorges checkpoint is still awaiting Bill Bradley (foot) to come in from the north. They expected him around 9:30 or 10:00pm.

Likely he is camping in a nearby shelter, or he may have skipped the checkpoint and continued southward. We asked snowmobilers to check on him again and bring him back to Melgeorges.

Tipi report Tuesday night

#11 Eric Johnson left Crescent checkpoint at 23:05 on 2/2.
#18 Matt Long and #22 John Storkamp left Crescent checkpoint at 2310 on 2/2.
#52 Roberto Aldovini dropped and is at Crescent checkpoint.
#53 Blair Anderson dropped and is at Crescent checkpoint.
#94 Jim O'Brien picked up by snowmobile at shelter and taken to Crescent. He was picked up there by a friend.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Two new records this year 2010!

Zach Gingerich, Illinois has made the unofficial new record for the foot category for men at about 38h15min (give or take a few minutes).

Janice Tower, Alaska has the new bike category record for women, unofficially
about 26h46 min.

Congrats to both Zach and Janice!

First runner finished

Zach Gingerich, the first runner just arrived at the finish at 21:02.

Congrats, Zach!


#24 Dave Simmons 17:50
#59 Aaron Benetti 18:19
#109 Matthew Thomas 18:21
#47 Pat White 18:50

Garret Griffin Dropped from Race

#15 Steven Moulds 20:02 hours.

Tipi update

Eric Johnson in at 7pm
Steven Moulds out at 4:50pm
Phillip Jemielita in at 5:31pm
John Kurth in at 5:11pm
Laurie & Richard Woodbury in at 6:52pm
Tom McDonald out at 4:19pm
Matt Thomas out at 3:41pm
Dave Simmons out at 3:47pm
Pat White out at 3:56pm
Aaron Benetti out at 3:41pm

Melgeorges update

While I was away from the PC, I heard that Karen Deboise had already rolled into Melgeorge's on her bike about 15:30. She must have taken a scenic road tour:). Then she took the van ride.

Deanna Adams foot dropped before Melgeorges.

Ben Clark foot dropped at Melgeorges... not enough time to finish.

Tim Bowers foot and John Appert foot came into Melgeorges and they are still there dropped (which I forgot to mention before, sorry).

Bill Bradley foot is still out there. If he makes it, he will be the Lone Wolf/Myrtle Turtle, but it is way too late for him to reach the finish, so he will have to drop at Melgeorges. We expect him in very late as he is going 2mpht. ETA maybe after 9 or 10 pm?

Zach passed the tipi Tuesday evening

The Crescent (Teepee) checkpoint reports #29-Zach Gingerich, the first runner, came through about 1615 hours on Tuesday.

Melgeorges update

fyi- These messages are meant primarily for volunteers to ensure the safety of people. We have limited time and resources so we are not able make them more detailed or formatted for friends and family.

We will post the final official results later. The temp was about +10F today and the trail has been fast across the board this year...more people will finish than usual, a good sign.

Ben Clark just arrived at Melgeorges about 15:40.
David Coats out (dropped) at Melgeorges, taking van.

3 people still have not arrived and snowmobilers are out searching for them-
Tim Bowers
Karen Deboise
Bill Bradley

All others are accounted for.

Biker finish Tuesday pm

Josh Peterson just arrived at the finish on bike 15:25.
Apparently, he had a good rest at Melgeorges and then cruised the second half. ;)

Recent Bike finishers

#50 Ken Zylstra @ 1426
#71 Paul Errington @ 1440
#84 Billy Koitzsch @1450
#96 Robert Ostrom @ 1450
#16 Nick Wethington @1500

25 finishers

All Bikers

Ken Krueger finished bike Tuesday pm

Ken Krueger just arrived on bike at 13:28pm

There should be another biker not far behind.

Left Melgeorges early Tues am

Matthew Thomas bike 1:09am
Ken Krueger bike 1:21 am
Robert May bike 3:40am
Billy Koitzsch 3:46am
Dan Dittmer bike 3:50am
Aaron Benetti bike 4:15am
Chris Finch bike 5:39am
Phil Jemielita bike 5:26am
John Kurth bike 5:39am
Tom McDonald 7:44am
Steven Moulds bike 7:36am
Jim O'Brien foot 7:58
Robert Ostrom bike Alaska 4:07 am
Josh Peterson bike 7:47am
Dave Simmons bike 7:44am
Pat White bike 7:44am
Laurie & Dick Woodbury bike 8:02am

Matt Maxwell (ski) 9:33am
Jim Reed (ski) 10:20am
Tim Roe (ski)9:47am
Mike Stattleman (ski)9:36am

Update Tuesday late am left Melgeorges

Zach Gingerich foot 3:10am
Eric Johnson foot 5:40am
John Storkamp foot 7:35am
Douglas Girling foot South Africa 9:00am
Carles Conill Spain 9:36am
Rick Freeman foot 9:30am
Roberto Aldovini foot Italy 9:44am
Markus Wiederek foot 10:58am
Jim Reed (ski) 10:20
Iso Yucra foot Bolivia 10:20
Daryl Saari 10:25
Scott Meyer 10:36
Blair Anderson 11:00
Luke Finney 11:31
Pat Susnik 11:46
Ray Sanchez 11:20
Steve Link 11:31
Major Tim Hardy 11:00
Craig Hanela 11:06
Garrett Griffin 11:31

Melgeorges updates Tuesday

Zach Gingrich left Melgeorges at 3:10am, no news yet since.

There are still about 6 people that have not reached Melgeorges
#55 John Appert
#60 Tim Bowers
#61 Bill Bradley
#64 Ben Clark
#47 Karen De Boise (bike), waiting for ride from trail?
#101 Parker Rios

Into Melgeorges-
Pierre Ostor (ski) reached Melgeorges and dropped 10:45
Taaga Young reached Melgeorges at 11:23 and thinking about going out on trail
Jim Grijalva 11am
John Taylor 11:41am
Rick Wagar 11:19
Christian Arel (bike) age 17, 10:25 thinking about going back out
Andrea DiGiorgio Italy 10:39
Marco Farinazzo Brazil 11:24
Joe Ritchie 11:12

Bike Finishers Tues late am

#98 Chris Plesko @ 10:27am
#8 Chuck Lindner @ 10:45

Tipi news

Janice Tower left tipi at 7am.

#98 Chris Plesko left the tipi at 7:32 am

Chuck Lindner left tipi at 7:54 am

Finish times:
#9 Bill Shand @ 0921
#93 Jason Novak @0925
#87 Andy Magnus @0927
#34 Don Gabrielson @0942
#110 Janice Tower @0949

Don Gabrielson bike Tues 9:45am

Don Gabrielson arrived about 9:45am on bike.

3 bikers just came in

Bill Shand #9 arrived about 9:20 and 2 more I see just passed the finish.

Andy Magness

Jason Novak

Melgeorges foot/ski

Alot of people came into Melgeorges this morning and several dropped, but everybody is safe. Most are still at the cabin and several leaders went back out on the trail.
I get the news via phone so bear with me. I will update shortly.

These are in no particular order, just unofficial raw data and could have errors.

People that were picked up by snowmobile or dropped at Melgeorges-
Alicia Hudelson
Tim Neckar
Vance Roget
Jason Boon 5:30am
Patrick Skora 8:09 am
Jarom Thurston at 2:53am
David Sears at 3:52 am

Back out on the trail-
Eric Johnson 5:40am
John Storkamp 7:35am
Matt Long 8:04am
Jim O'brien 7:58am
Zach Gingerich time?

In at Melgeorges-

Iso Yucra 7:08am
Luke Finney 6:34
Carles Conill 6:26
Tim Roe 6:26
Scott Meyers 7:32
Matt Maxwell (ski) 7:10
Daryl Saari 7:26
Mike Stattleman (ski) 7:44
No word about Pierre Ostor (ski) yet.
Pat Susnik 5:09
Roberto Aldovini 7:37am
Blair Anderson 6:54
Ryan Anderson 8:26
Rick Freeman 7:42
Douglas Girling 5:23
Garret Griffin 6:34
Craig Hanela 6:07
Tim Hardy 6:54
Steve Link 6:07
Brian Tate 8:04
Markus Wiederek 7:08

Still about 20 more people out on trail before Melgeorge check point.

More bike finishers

Tuesday 2/2/10

#4 Lindsay Gauld finished at 6:31am

#19 Jeremy Kershaw finished at 07:07am

Bikes in the night

Here are the bike finishers during the night as of 3:30 am:

Tuesday 02/02/2010

#114 Tim Stern @ 02:43am
#62 Jason Buffington @ 02:50
#02 Charlie Farrow @ 03:05
#35 Dave Gray @ 03:20

Finish line biker and 1st runner update

Bike finishers-
#33 Lance Andre finished 4th, just before midnight Monday.
#70 Dan Dittmer finished 5th, 10 min past midnight.

Foot news-
Zach Gingerich, the first person on foot to arrive at Melgeorges at 01:22 am Tuesday.

Gateway Update

Some of the people on foot leaving the latest from the Gateway on Monday were-

Left at 19:20
Iso Yucra (Bolivia)
Carles Conill (Spain)

#43 John Taylor 20:50

At 21:20
#113 Taaga Young
#104 Ray Sanchez
# 23 Pierre Ostor (ski)

#64 Ben Clark 22:00
#61 Bill Bradley 22:30

People on foot that dropped at Gateway by 22:00-
Dennis Gullo
Bill Haug
Doug Jones
Rodrigo Cerqueira (Brazil)

If I missed anyone here, don't worry. They have all been accounted for and are okay.

News from Gateway and Melgeorges

I heard that everyone went through the Gateway store safely or dropped out there by 11pm, so that checkpoint has closed down, but I await details.

There are 17 bikers sleeping at Melgeorges and 18 total still out according to the Elephant lake checkpoint.

Driving to the finish was beautiful with a golden, almost full moon, in a hazy sky and pine trees decorated with snow.

Good news from Todd Sample


Went to the ER in Virginia and they warmed my toes back up. Most of
the color has returned and I have feeling everywhere except the tip
of one. So I have all my toes!

We will not be using our cabin at melgeorges ( registered in my wife Jeannette's name) and it's paid for, so racers can crash there too if you need overflow. I called the front desk and let them know this.

See you next year!


Monday, February 01, 2010

Finish line update

We have our top three bike finishers all in within seconds of each other at 23:20, not a record but a great ride.
1st Jeff Oatley, Alaska
2nd Pete Basinger, Alaska
3rd David Pramann

We heard they had passed the tipi at about 9pm with Lance Andre not far behind.

Congrats, guys!

Melgeorges update

Bikers In-
#10 Ken Krueger 19:41
#16 Nick Wethington 18:30
#50 Ken Zylstra 18:53
#66 Michael Criego 18:54
#71 Paul Errington 19:30
#84 Billy Kotizsch 19:28
#88 Robert May 19:00
#96 Robert Ostrom 19:28
#9 Bill Shand In 18:33 Out 19:19

Bikers out:
#35 Dave Gray 18:27
#87 Andy Magness 19:45
#110 Janice Tower 19:04

Droppet Out-
#6 Greg Ames 20:15

Unofficial Gateway info

Race no. Sorted by race number GateIN Out
1 Brannick Terry M Veteran RI USA 46 O10:48 AM (dropped Melgeorges)
2 Farrow Charlie M Veteran MN USA 50 O11:22
3 Grelk Dennis M Veteran IA USA 30 O10:48
4 Gauld Lindsay M Veteran Canada 61 O12:02
5 Pramann David M Veteran MN USA 52 O10:54
6 Ames Greg M Veteran ND USA 29 O13:20 (just dropped Melgeorges)
7 Peterson Josh M Veteran MN USA 35 O12:15
8 Lindner Chuck M Veteran MN USA 38 O13:03
9 Shand Bill M Veteran SD Canada 40 O12:35
10 Krueger Ken M Veteran MN USA 46 O1:05pm
11 Johnson Eric M Veteran UT USA 43 O16:56
12 Mulrooney, Garrett M Veteran USA 42 DNS
13 Yucra Iso M Veteran Bolivia 41 In16:26
14 Moulds Steven M Veteran MN USA 55 O14:06
15 Jemielita Philip M Veteran MN USA 53 O15:10
16 Wethington Nicholos M Veteran IA USA 27 O12:45
17 Finney, Luke M Veteran MD, USA 21 O18:03
18 Long Matt M Veteran WI USA 53 O17:20
19 Kershaw Jeremy M Veteran MN USA 38 O12:35
20 Conill Carles M Veteran Barcelona Spain 26 In17:30
21 Roe Tim M Veteran WI USA 30 O17:44 ski
22 Storkamp John M Veteran MN USA O17:15
23 Ostor Pierre M Veteran MN France 53 In18:50 ski
24 Simmons Dave M Veteran ND USA 31 O14:30
25 Pattison Gregg M Veteran MN USA 47 DNS
26 Meyers Scott M Veteran WI USA 42 O18:15
27 Maxwell Matthew M Veteran IA USA 31 O18:25 ski
28 Kremsreiter Walker M Veteran WI USA 33 DNS
29 Gingerich Zach M Rookie IL USA 30 O15:03
30 Finch Chris M Veteran MN USA 42 O14:40
31 Cerqueira Rodrigo M Veteran Brazil 37 Not in yet
32 Boon, Jason M Veteran MN USA 36 In17:35
33 Andre Lance M Veteran FL USA 40 O10:54
34 Gabrielson Don M Veteran VA USA 43 O12:22
35 Gray, Dave M Veteran MN USA 40 O11:40
36 Grijalva Jim M Veteran ND USA 45 16:15
37 Hudelson Alicia F Veteran MN USA 25 In17:37
38 Kurth John M Veteran MN USA 43 O14:40
39 Saari, Daryl M Rookie MN USA 47 O10:54
40 Skora Patrick M Veteran CA USA 29 O12:22
41 Stattelman Mike M Veteran MN USA O17:41 ski
42 Susnik Pat M Veteran MN USA O17:25
43 Taylor John M Veteran MN USA 48 Not in yet
44 Tonking Blaine M Veteran MA USA 20 (dropped)
45 Thurston Jarom M Veteran UT USA O17:50
46 Wagar Rick M Veteran ND USA 47 In18:40
47 White, Pat M Veteran ND USA 43 O14:37
48 Woodbury Laurie F Veteran MN USA 54 O14:05
49 Woodbury Richard M Veteran MN USA 65 O14:05
50 Zylstra, Ken M Rookie MN USA 47 O13:15
51 Adams Deanna F Rookie AZ USA 21 Not in yet
52 Aldovini Roberto M Rookie Italy 37 O18:47
53 Anderson Blair M Rookie Sask Canada 56 In18:10
54 Anderson, Ryan M Rookie Winnipeg Canada 31 In17:46
55 Appert John M Rookie OK USA 31 not in yet
56 Arel Christian M Rookie MN USA 17 O16:05
57 Balabuck, Jonathan M Rookie, ON Canada 29 DNS
58 Bassinger Peter M Rookie AK USA 29 o10:48
59 Benetti Aaron M Rookie MO USA 33 O14:20
60 Bowers Timothy M Rookie MN USA Not in yet
61 Bradley Bill M Rookie CA USA 49 Not in yet
62 Buffington, Jason M Rookie MN USA 40 O11:40
63 Byrom, Roger M Rookie NYC USA/UK 51 DNS
64 Clark Ben M Rookie ND USA 19 In18:30
65 Coats David M Rookie TX USA 48 In18:12
66 Criego Michael M Rookie MN USA 39 O13:05
67 DeBoise Karen F Rookie IL USA 47 O18:47
68 Denoma, Michael M Rookie Singapore 56 DNS
69 Di Giorgio, Andrea M Rookie Ravenna Italy 42 In18:50
70 Dittmer Dan M Rookie MN USA 32 O10:58
71 Errington Paul M Rookie UK 31 O13:14
72 Fanetti Aaron M Rookie MO USA 35 DNS
73 Farinazzo Marco M Rookie Brazil 41 In16:54
74 Fleming Bill M Rookie AK USA 39 DNS
75 Freeman Rick M Rookie PA USA 51 O17:40
76 Girling, Douglas M Rookie NY 43 O18:12
77 Griffin Garrett M Rookie MD USA 20 O18:03
78 Gullo Dennis M Rookie IL USA 40 In18:40
79 Hanela, Craig M Rookie WA USA 34 O17:47
80 Hardy, Timothy (Major) M Rookie NY 48 In17:35
81 Haug, Bill M Rookie ND USA 16:15 dropped
82 Jones Douglas M Rookie WI USA 22 O17:37
83 Kalb Jim M Veteran MN USA 43 O14:33
84 Koitzsch Billy M Rookie AK USA 37 O13:25
85 Lillie, Leon M Rookie MN USA 48 dropped Gateway
86 Link Steve M Rookie MD USA 21 O18:03
87 Magness, Andy M Veteran ND USA 34 O12:47
88 May Robert M Rookie PA USA 32 O13:16
89 McDonald Tom Rookie CA USA 42 O14:30
90 McDonough John M Rookie MA USA 20 DNS
91 McKenzie Vannessa F Rookie IL USA 36 DNS
92 Neckar Timothy M Rookie TX USA 48 In18:18
93 Novak Jason M Rookie MN USA 37 O11:45
94 O'Brien Jim M Rookie IL USA 31 O16:03
95 Oatley Jeff M Rookie AK USA 40 O10:48
96 Ostrom Robert M Rookie AK USA 39 O13:25
97 Plaskonka David M Rookie MA USA 28 DNS
98 Plesko Christopher M Rookie CO USA 27 O11:48
99 Reed, Jim M Veteran MN USA 50 O17:00 ski
100 Richie Joe M Rookie WA USA 30 In18:40
101 Rios Parker M Rookie WI USA 43 O18:02
102 Roget Vance M Rookie CA USA 55 In18:15
103 Sample Todd M Veteran MN USA 37 12:35 dropped frostbite
104 Sanchez Ray M Rookie CA USA 43 In18:40
105 Sears, David M Rookie ND USA 41 In16:15
106 Siravo Michael M Rookie NY USA 43 14:10 dropped
107 Stull James M Rookie AK USA 34 DNS
108 Tate Brian M Rookie SC USA 40 In18:30
109 Thomas, Matthew M Rookie MO USA 32 O14:20
110 Tower, Janice F Rookie AK USA O11:44
111 Tri, Charles M Rookie MN USA 31 Out11:18 dropped Sheep Ranch Rod
112 Wiaderek Markus M Rookie German 41 O18:50
113 Young Taaga TJ M Rookie NV/Samoa 34 not in yet
114 Stern Tim M Rookie CO USA 42 Out 11:05

A few more bikes arrived Alaska and UK?

Saw the fancy bike with orange wheels go by at about 19:25-
#84 Bill Koitzsch

and must be the UK guy with the camera crew not far away-
#71 Paul Errington

Melgeorges biker update

2 bikers lights just floated by in the dark over the lake- They yelled out #50 and #66.
Ken Zylstra and
Mike Criego.

2 more unknown lights 10 minutes later. TBA.

Temps are steady in town, but droppin a little since sunset on the trail

International Falls/Orr/Tower forecast.
Tonight: cloudy. a 20 percent chance of light snow after midnight. lows 3 below to 8 below zero. west winds around 5 mph in the evening becoming light...then becoming southwest around 5 mph late.

Tuesday: cloudy. a chance of light snow in the morning chance of snow showers in the afternoon. highs 12 to 17. west winds around 5 mph. chance of snow 50 percent.

Tuesday night: cloudy. isolated flurries after midnight. lows 4 below to 1 above zero. west winds around 5 mph.

Melgeorges update

Bikers Arrived Melgeorges-

#8 Chuck Lindner 18:04
#19 Jeramy Kershaw 18:16
#87 Andy Magness 18:25
#16 Nick Wethington 18:27
#9 Bill Shand 18:31

Bikers out of Melgeorges-
#3 Dennis Grelk 18:07
#34 Don Gabrielson 18:13
#93 Jason Novak 18:05

Bikers in at Melgeorges since Charlie Farrow

In at Melgeorges-

#70 Dan Dittmer 15:07
#114 Tim Stern 15:54
#3 Dennis Grelk 16:19
#35 Dave Gray 16:31
#62 Jason Buffington 16:34
#93 Jason Novak 16:40
#110 Janice Tower 16:46
#98 Chris Plesko 16:54
#4 Lindsay Gauld 17:09
#34 Don Gabrielson 17:10
#7 Josh Peterson 17:12

Times back out on the trail from Melgeorges-
#95 Jeff Oatley 15:19
#58 Pete Basinger 15:19
#5 Dave Pramann 15:29
#33 Lance Andre 15.31
#70 Dan Dittmer 15:47
#2 Charlie Farrow 16:21
#114 Tim Stern 16:31
#62 Jason Buffington 16:52

A bunch of bikers came in incl. Janice Tower Alaska

Hi, I saw a few bikers go by the Melgeorges restaurant window, but waiting to find out who they are.

I heard Janice Tower came into Melgeorges about 5pm.

First race update (revised) Brannick dropped

The racers took off from Intl Falls Kerry Park Arena a few minutes after 7am Monday.
Temps about -21. It is sunny and guessing around zero during the day. The bikers are making great time as the trail is hard and fast.

With Pramann, Bassinger and Andre and Oatley were leading the pack, Charlie Farrow was about half hour behind. A runner from South Africa was in the lead for foot category, passing bikers early on, about in the middle of the pack of bikers.

Everybody passed Highway 53 by about 1:30pm. The last on foot was Taaga Young from Samoa.

Several people dropped before or at the Gateway store. No runners or skiers had made it to the store at that point.

Blaine Tonking- foot (Naval Academy)felt ill so dropped and is fine at Gateway.
Todd Sample- biker had severe frostbite on big toes and is resting at Gateway, going to hospital in Duluth.
Leon Lillie-bike dropped at Gateway at 2:38 pm
Charles Tri- bike dropped at the Sheep Ranch road, feeling ill...asthma? but fine.
Other bikers doing fine.

Melgeorges Checkpoint at about 3pm and back out again, still daylight!-
Dave Pramann- record holder
Lance Andre
Pete Basinger- Alaska (yes, they are rookies as this is their first Arrowhead race)
Jeff Oatley -Alaska (ditto, it has nothing to do with other races completed).

They are cruising so it is possible to finish by Monday night. Midnight? 1am?

Last year's winner Brannick came in on bike about 3:30pm with a numb left arm. He decided to drop as it would not improve.

Charlie Farrow just arrived at Melgeorges,Elephant Lake at 3:45pm.

Is that Dave Gray? 3 or 4 more unknown ninja bikers just came across the lake one at a time. I can see them from the restaurant window but I cannot tell who they are.
I must wait for an update from the cabin checkpoint.

Weird, but my outbound emails won't work. I am only able to post in the Blog.

Gear check, pre-race meeting and spaghetti dinner

We had good turnout at the gear check. 102 people signed in at registration and 12 people did not show up. See the roster below a few posts.

We had good turn out at the pre-race meeting and the VFW spaghetti dinner. Mayor Shawn Mason presented all the athletes with pins to the International Falls, "Icebox of the Nation." as well as letters welcoming all international travellers.

The race starts at Kerry Park Ice Arena near the trailhead downtown International Falls at 7am.

Winners of the free door prize drawings:

Surly Pugsley Bike frame- Dan Dittmer
Chain Reactin frame- Major Tim Hurly
Fatback Bike frame- David Gray

Trail Runner Magazine subscription- Bill Bradley
Trail Runner Magazine subscription- Michael Siravo
Freeze yer Gizzard Blizzard Run, free entry- Garrett Griffin

Congrats all. Please contact us to arrange pick up of your prizes or certificates.