2017 Sponsors

ARROWHEAD 135 Great Supporting Friends and Sponsors for 2017

Products (bikes, accessories)

Revelate Designs

Born out of passion and experience, Revelate Designs makes bike gear to help you pursue your endurance fueled endeavors. "State of the Art" fatbike bags and unique bombproof gear for your next adventure.

Surly Bikes

Pugsley was created to go where standard "all terrain" bikes flounder, the Surly Folks have been with Arrowhead since Day One, new 2012 tires like BIG FAT LARRY, NATE, BUD AND LOU are forefront of the industry, as well as a quiver of unique bicycles in the SURLY lineup.

Salsa Bikes

BEARGREASE AND MUKLUK have made a big splash on the FatBike Scene, another Minnesota local Fatbike, designed to provide extreme tire floatation in soft conditions. It rides where other bikes can’t.

Fatback Bikes

A Fatback is not just another floatation bike. Fatback defines "Top Of The Line". Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, these Alaska fellas know SnowBiking like Nobody Else.

Framed Bikes

We aren’t big and flashy, we know that. We are just like you, everyday riders with a deep passion for the sport. In 2010 we saw a need for bikes that the average person, could afford, ride hard and love. 6 months after we started talking about it, we leapt off the cliff and started Framed Bikes. Since our initial offering of just a few fat bikes, our line has grown to include road, mountain plus, gravel and Cyclocross models. Not bad for a small group of friends sitting around a campfire having a beer, and we are just getting started.

907 Chain Reaction FATBikes

Whether you ride for fitness, like to race, or are new to cycling, 907/Chainreaction offers the expertise, service, and quality products to get the most out of your experience. 907 Fatbikes from Alaska's Chain Reaction offer a full line-up of winter bikes and gear. Check em out at www.fatbikes.com.

Forty Below Climbing Equipment for the Extremes

Forty Below® overboots and equipment are used on expeditions to the world’s highest and coldest places since 1970's. Proven in 40 below and colder environments, these are the most trusted overboots in the world!

45NRTH Winter Cycling Gear

45NRTH is built on real-world needs and knowledge. Our collection delivers unrivaled comfort and control through advanced technical design and effective use of materials in the areas of hands, feet and traction. We have more people who ride more miles in more cold than anywhere on the planet. 45NRTH’s distinct advantage is our headquarters in an extreme winter climate, plus our extreme expertise riding in it.

RM Gear For Wilderness

We utilize only well-performed quality textiles and trim components for our garments. Together with leading textile manufacturers worldwide and by producing limited runs, we create extraordinary gear.

Bike Packing Rack Systems

This is a project we have been working on for over 3 years, frustrated with conventional bar packing systems that hampered and hurt braking and shifting performance. Our system outboard mounts handlebar mounted packs, to give you more clearance and freedom of movement between your packs and your cables. All while giving you extra places to mount GPS units, SPOT and Satellite Tracking Systems, Lights, Bottle carriers or whatever else you can dream of.

Batteries Plus Bulbs

Owner Mike Criego is multi-Arrowhead guy. He has 12 Batteries Plus Bulbs locations in the area including 8 in the greater Minneapolis area (Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, St. Louis Park, Eden Prairie, Bloomington, Apple Valley and Eagan). Also locations in Mankato, Duluth, Fargo and Grand Forks, ND. Batteries Plus Bulbs is your one stop shop for every type of battery, light bulb and now Cell Phone and Tablet repairs. Batteries Plus Bulbs – Trust the Plus!

Dogwood Design Pogies

If yer lookin for topnotch poagies for da bike hand covers hey, Joan from Dogwood Designs up in Alaska has some of the best for sure. Perfect Xmas idea, Arrowhead 135 be givin some away at some point, light, warm and not too pricey. No Website but Dogwood can be reached at 907-488-4447 or dogwooddesigns at gci.net

Ski Pulk

SkiPulk.com specializes in pulk poles, harnesses and three types of pulk systems. Their pulks are found throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan. Used by outdoor enthusiasts including: winter campers, ski mountaineers, racers, outfitters, and adventure programs. They can also be found in college outdoor classes and rentals in several states. Whether you are a seasoned winter traveler or are just starting out, you'll want to check out all of their offerings. SKI PULKS are big at da Arrowhead and look for the boyz at Checkpoint SkiPulk!

Bar Mitts

Bar Mitts are Bicycle Handlebar Mittens that attach to your drop style or mountain style handlebars. People who suffer from numb, cold hands due to the cold, wind, rain or snow can continue to ride and train throughout the Fall and Winter. The Bar Mitts keep your hands warm while riding and allow you to use a very lightweight glove, increasing dexterity, even in the coldest of weather. Lots of Bar Mitts at Arrowhead’s World Famous Drawing, thanks!

Empire Wool and Canvas

Duluth-based makers of fine wool, leather and cotton canvas clothing and gear for indoors and out. Unique stuff you won't find anywhere else. Great supporters of Arrowhead 135.

Talus Outdoor Technology

Experience the ColdAvenger: The words best cold weather face masks worn by top cold weather adventurers, athletes, elite Special Forces and weekend-warriors around the globe. The ColdAvenger line of face masks are developed and headquartered in the mountains of Western Montana where winter is the longest season. Wear a ColdAvenger. Be warm. Breathe free. Stay Out Longer®!

Food, snacks


Kakookies are Minnesota made, energy dense cookies that are popular with cyclists, athletes & winter sports enthusiasts. Be sure to pack soft & chewy, deliciously satisfying Kakookies on your next adventure! (GF and vegan too!) #fueledbykakookies #cleaneatsyummytreats

Surly Brewing

We don’t make beer for everyone. Beer for everyone is beer for no one. Our philosophy? Make great beer. Have fun. Give a Damn about your community. Be independent. Don’t be a dick. Really, our philosophy is better poured than spoken or written. So, go Find Surly beer and get all philosophical.

Nots! Snacks

Nots! is dedicated to mindful munching on the go. From simple ingredients to simple nutrition, from the zip sealed bag to grabbing a handful, Nots! travels with you as you move. We mix sunflower with a few basic ingredients to give you a new snack that eats more like a nut. We don't fill it with air and you can pronounce every ingredient (all four!) in our ingredients list.

Clif Bar

At Clif Bar & Company, we are a private, family and employee-owned company guided by five "bottom lines" or what we call our Five Aspirations: Sustaining our Business, Brands, People, Community and the Planet. These aspirations help us consider decisions from multiple perspectives that we value, and we choose the word "aspiration" in recognition that we’re on a journey and can always do more in each of these areas.


The Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still brands and more than 3,800 beverage choices. Led by Coca-Cola, one of the world's most valuable and recognizable brands, our company’s portfolio features 20 billion-dollar brands, 18 of which are available in reduced-, low- or no-calorie options.


CloudSplitter 100

Kentucky's only 100 mile trail race will take place on Pine Mountain, deep in the heart of central Appalachia, during the weekend of October 7-8, 2017. The out and back course, as well as the accompanying 100k, 50k and 25k distances, will wind along the rugged, rocky and remote Pine Mountain Scenic Trail through Pike and Letcher counties in southeastern Kentucky. Although parts of this region have been developed, strip mined or heavily logged, Pine Mountain remains relatively untouched, and it is home to the greatest diversity of plant life in the Commonwealth, making it a true ecological treasure.

Resorts, destinations, businesses

City of International Falls, Minnesota

Legally CERTIFIED The Nations Icebox" City of International Falls, also know to this Bullwinkle Fan as FrostBite Falls, has very warm heart for Arrowhead 135! INL City Council has laid out red-carpet for our nice race with full support using city facilities, police support at multiple road crossings, downtown race-banner, and new 2012, special I-Falls gift coming for each racer! Thanks International Falls. Should be way below-zero anytime now.

Melgeorges Resort

The Melgeorge family carved Melgeorge’s Resort out of the timberlands at a logging campsite more than 70 years ago. Since its humble beginnings, with a few lakeshore cabins for anglers, three generations of Melgeorges have created a quality, year-round adventure vacation destination.

Minnesota Sedation Dentistry

Located in the north Metro/Central Minnesota area, for decades, Minnesota Sedation Dentistry has been serving people of all ages with excellence, quality, and integrity. Here for you and your family. By being trained in the latest technology and techniques, they provide the most advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Emphasis is on your comfort and disease prevention to establish dental health relationships that last a lifetime. The Minn Sedation Guys are racing Arrowhead for 2013! Ever bite a power-bar at -30F? Have them fix that post-race mouth problem.

Fortune Bay

Fortune Bay Casino is more than a fabulous luxury hotel, action-packed casino, 18-hole world-class golf course, full-service marina, rustic RV park, complete conference and banquet center, and award-winning heritage center. It’s an escape from the ordinary… where you can stay, play, relax, retreat or meet… in a picturesque setting on the shores of lovely Lake Vermilion, surrounded by the wild, pristine beauty of Minnesota’s Northwoods. Fortune Bay Resort Casino is also best know as da ARROWHEAD FINISH LINE! Thanks Fortune Bay.

Gateway Store

Gateway Store is at the gateway to Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota's only national park & the nation's only water-based national park! Voyageurs is a 4-season park with resorts open year 'round for great fishing & awesome winter activities! Breath-taking scenery in any season! First Checkpoint on the Arrowhead. Get your Gas, watch the race, Phil and Ellen are the best helpers around. We know cause we locked the keys in our race van way down the road at -20F, 4AM last year and it was Phil who took care of us! Thanks Gateway.

Oveson's Pelican Lake Resort and Inn

New sponsor for 2013, new bar/restaurant/hotel in beautiful Orr, Minnesota. Whether here for business, corporate retreat or pleasure you will be surrounded by the cozy atmosphere of home. Our spacious lobby/conversation area provides a comfortable place for you to relax by the fireplace and enjoy the comfy surroundings. After a quiet night’s sleep we invite you to join us for our complimentary enhanced continental breakfast.

Backus Community Center

Historic Backus Community Center, the heart of International Falls, where all generations celebrate arts, culture, recreation, wellness, and life-long learning