2005 Results

2005 Result Chart

Congratulations to everyone that participated in the Arrowhead 135 mile event. What an amazing group of athletes and all around fun, nice people! We enjoyed sharing the experience with you all.

Matt--1st Overall; 1st Bike Pierre--2nd Overall; 2nd Bike Bill--3rd Overall; 3rd Bike Ron--4th Overall; 1st Skier Mike--5th Overall; 4th Bike

We would like to extend special congratulations to the five finishers who will receive the Arrowhead trophy- Matt, Pierre, Bill, Ron and Major Mike. Extra kudos go to Matt Evingson for being the first overall and first biker ever to complete the grueling Arrowhead 135 mile race. Also, kudos to Ron Kadera as the first skier to complete the event. Likewise, Brian Robinson managed to gut it out on foot to Myrtle Lake despite frostbite and knee problems for the Myrtle Turtle award.

The temperature dipped to at least -17F to -20F degrees at night. Despite the tough, and at times, extremely steep course, all entrants agree the trail was an awesome, gorgeous venue and most say they will return again next year.

We would like to especially thank County Cycles for their extra support, the volunteer snowmobile crew, Reijo Vastila and Jonathan Yeakel, as well as Richard Chin for his help at the Myrtle Lake checkpoint. The volunteer snowmobilers had to put up with sub-zero temps and replace a broken belt on their sled. They even rescued a team of sled dogs running loose on the trail. We would not have been able to put on the race without them.

The race was very exciting as all the racers have interesting stories of mechanical glitches and personal adventures. We will continue to post those stories as they become available for publishing. The racers loved the trail and the people they encountered along the way, especially at the Super8 and Days Inn Motels in Int'l Falls, the Chocolate Moose Restaurant Co., Gateway Store, MelGeorges resort, Marana's Myrtle Lake Resort and the Bayview Lodge. Everyone was so nice and helpful beyond expectation.

Thank you, everyone!!!!


We all had enormous fun and there are plenty of crazy racers signing up already for next year so we will need more volunteers. If any snowmobilers would like to help out next year, please contact us at:

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Ideally, we would like to have a snowmobile club and a hospital, paramedic crew or fire dept. volunteering for traffic control, search and rescue so people could take turns on the trail. It is loads of fun and we cover your costs for fuel, food ,and lodging. The course finishes at Fortune Bay Casino on Lake Vermillion, Tower Mn. Great fun and food!

The following article is from the March 6, Sunday edition of the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

There are about 5 or 6 photos in the printed version. Sorry, they don’t include them on the web.

Cheryl & Pierre Ostor